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About the Ohlone College Catalog

Catalog information and Ohlone College requirements may change at any time. Information may change before a new catalog is produced and made available, and students must adhere to changes. It is the student's obligation to ascertain current rules, regulations, fees, and requirements. Students should consult a counselor for more information.

A printed version of the current Ohlone College Catalog can be purchased at the Ohlone College Bookstore. Printed versions of past and current Catalogs may be available for review in the Ohlone College Library or in the Counseling Department.

Catalog Rights Policy

Pursuant to California Code of Regulations Section 40401, a student pursuing an associate degree, a Certificate of Achievement, or a Certificate of Accomplishment may follow the general education and major requirements which are published in the Catalog in effect at the time in which the student first began attancance at Ohlone College ore regulations current at the time the student files for and receives a degree or certificate. Exceptions to this policy are by the petition process.

Students pursuing academic programs that require a separate application process are assigned to the catalog year in which the student is accepted into the program.

A course in which a student receives a W grade is not considered to have been completed.

The preceding catalog rights are subject to the following limitation: a student who does not complete an Ohlone College course(s) during a period of six consecutive terms, including Summer terms, forfeit the right to follow the degree or certificate requirements set forth in any catalog prior to the resumption of studies. For the purposes of this section, the effective period of a Catalog extends from the beginning of a Fall Semester to the close of the subsequent Summer Term. Please note that the College may require substitutions for required courses that have been discontinued.

(Source: Ohlone College Catalog, 2016-2017.)

Revision of Regulations

Any regulations issued by the Administration of the College shall have the same force as those printed in this catalog and shall supercede, after notice has been made, any ruling on the same subject that may appear in the printed catalog or other official bulletins of the College.

Ohlone College exists to serve residents of the cities of Fremont, Newark, and the Bay Area. Every effort is made to provide the information and services needed to facilitate successful attendance at Ohlone College. Students are individually held responsible for information contained in this catalog and in the Class Schedule. Failure to read and comply with policies, regulations, and procedures contained therein will not exempt a student from whatever penalties the student may incur.

(Source: Ohlone College Catalog, 2016-2017.)