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May 2014 Faculty of the Month

Prepare to be impressed. Really, seriously, impressed. I’m not kidding. You’ll see. When you get to the end of this, you will say “Yep, she wasn’t kidding. I am truly impressed. May’s recipient is amazing.” Then, if you are like me, you might need a nap, because this person does so much, you might be tired just from reading about it all. And I could have listed even more!

I can’t imagine how she does all of this – but she manages to. And she does it with a smile and a cheerful willingness that is genuine and wonderful. So read on.

Here is why our May recipient deserves this honor (and a mug and a special parking spot):

  • Took the initiative to complete 15 “Course in a Box” assessments
  • Has taught 16 different courses here at Ohlone
  • Is responsible for curriculum development and revision for 7 Real Estate courses
  • Designed two new real estate courses which are now part of the regular curriculum and have high enrollments
  • Created a great video promoting the Business Supervision Management Program (BSM) (YouTube). Check it out!
  • Totally re-designed the BSM program, converting some fully online courses to the hybrid model after student surveys and a grade history analysis showed that students needed more in-person instruction time
  • Uses a variety of multi-media in her classes including journals, blogs, wikis and videos (some self-produced!)
  • Provided invaluable assistance with the Program Review for Real Estate
  • Arranges for one-on-one tutoring and field trips for her students on her own time and at her own expense
  • Is a superb instructor in all three formats: in-person, online and hybrid
  • Has an MBA already but is pursuing a BA in Accounting so that she can teach even more courses
  • Participates in a variety of professional development activities to make sure that she stays current, both with course content and technology, as evidenced by her receipt of an Online Teaching Certificate from the University of Michigan, Flint
  • Based upon her professional network of contacts, has been able to place students in internships, providing them with great career advancement opportunities
  • Is deeply appreciated by her students for her ability to use real-world examples and multiple teaching techniques. That’s why she was presented with a bouquet of roses and a thank you card signed by the entire class at the end of the first class she ever taught! Roses at the first class!!!!
  • Is always available to assist her colleagues in the department in any way she can
  • Serves on two committees: the Sustainability Committee and the Technology Committee
  • Chairs two(!) advisory committees: Real Estate and Business Supervision Management

Wow! Is that impressive or what. This is one truly dedicated instructor, a person for whom being an outstanding instructor and valued colleague is both her life’s priority and joy.

Oh, I forgot one more impressive item: she is an adjunct professor. Yes, you read that right. She does all of the above as an adjunct – no paid office hours, no spiffy office looking out on the quad, no tenure, etc. She does so much within the department that many assume that she is full-time. Nope, she just works full-time and then some. She is a freeway flyer, but always manages to give more than 100% here at Ohlone College – her alma mater! We have been lucky enough to have her back here as an instructor since 2003.

But in her spare time (and when would that be?) she continues to work in real estate as a broker and property manager. For fun she enjoys weight training, web-designing, and traveling the world. Note the picture below where she is out and about somewhere that is not Fremont.

Please congratulate our May Faculty of the Month:

Amber Hatter
Adjunct Instructor
Real Estate Department
Business Supervision Management Department

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