Employee of the Month

February 2016 Faculty of the Month

Jeff Dean
English Department

Jeff was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a third-generation product of the California community college system. After dropping out of high school, he went on to attend East Los Angeles College, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of San Francisco.

He was hired as an adjunct instructor at Ohlone in January 1995 and began as a full-time member of the English Department in August 1996. Although he has taught a wide range of courses, he has focused his attention in recent years on teaching transfer-level composition, helping to get students familiar with the expectations they will encounter when they transfer and undertake their upper-division work.

Outside of his classes, he has served on many committees, including the Equivalency Committee and Faculty Senate. He currently serves as an Ohlone representative on the President’s Advisory Committee, which fosters the relationship between Ohlone and its surrounding community members, and is co-chair of Ohlone’s Diversity and Inclusiveness Advisory Committee. He has also edited many Ohlone College documents and served as a mentor to newly hired faculty. He is a strong believer in faculty involvement in College activities beyond the classroom and is grateful that his mentors encouraged him to participate in College-wide issues.

Even before his enrollment as a student at a community college, he was a strong believer in the transformative power that a community college education can have on anyone who is eager and ready for the opportunity to benefit from what it offers. In his case, a key benefit is the ability to re-invest what he was given as a student and offer that back into the system as a committed faculty member.

Outside of Ohlone, he formerly served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Queen of the Holy Rosary College for the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, and now serves as a board member of its successor institution, the Center for Education and Spirituality.

In his leisure time, Jeff enjoys hiking, studying homiletics, and reading mid-20th century crime fiction, among other obscure subjects.

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