2008-2009 Faculty of the Month

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April 16 - May 15, 2009 Faculty of the Month

Jon Degallier wearing red eye classes.Jon Degallier
Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department

In addition to being an active member of the Computer Science Department and a leader in the Curriculum Committee, Jon has been instrumental in helping the College improve its use of technology. These improvements include:

  • the development of Gorilla Survey
  • the WebAdvisor feature allowing faculty to quickly get class rosters into Excel and email lists
  • the development of the Program Improvement Objectives (PIO) mechanism that will be incorporated into CurricUNET's program review module

March 16 - April 15, 2009 Faculty of the Month

Jeff O'Connell teaching with photo of Mona Lisa projected behind him.Jeff O'Connell
Assistant Professor
Math Department

In addition to consistently teaching a heavy course load, Jeff has:

  • been instrumental in revitalizing the Technology Committee;
  • made significant contributions to both the accreditation standard and the strategic plan for IT;
  • been a leader in the use of technology;
  • run numerous courses for faculty on the use of computer software and the creation of websites;
  • and has been either Chalk or Dust at the annual Chalkdust concert.

If you see Jeff, be sure to tell him "Thank you!"

February 15 - March 15, 2009 Faculty of the Month

Wayne Takakuwa
Counseling Department

Wayne Takakuwa has been at the college for 19 years. He was instrumental in the research and implementation of the Placement Testing system. His long tenure with the college provide him with extensive knowledge and experience. He is often mentioned in meetings using the words "I can get that from Wayne" or "Wayne will know that."