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May 2010 Faculty of the Month

Susan Myers
Counseling Department

Susan is a popular and versatile counselor - she is one of the Online Counselors and is also assigned to International Students and is a member of the Ohlone Basic Skills Committee. Her heartfelt passion for students is unsurpassed.

She handled our Tech Prep program for a few years, and was one of the first two counselors to become involved in Learning Communities, teaming with Rosemary O'Neill to teach a Human Potential Course for a group of frightened first time students. The success of that course became evident when those students graduated from Ohlone.

A few years ago, when a last minute vacancy occurred in Faculty Senate for the VP position, Susan volunteered, becoming Faculty Senate President the following year. Through this time, Susan has always put students first, respecting and honoring the challenges that face our students. Through her leadership positions, Susan has been able to educate and advocate for students at all levels of our college's arenas.

After she completed her term as Faculty Senate President, she continued to represent faculty on the College Council. This past year, she has also led the effort in the Counseling Department to improve our program assessment process.

In her spare time, she is currently working on her Ed.D at SFSU.

Simply put, Susan is an incredible counselor.

April 2010 Faculty of the Month

Tim Roberts and guitar performing on stage.Tim Roberts
Music Department

Tim is known across campus for his leadership as the co-chair of the College Council and his periodic emails that put into perspective the seemingly capricious events that occur when you work at a community college.

In the classroom, he is known for

  • keeping the students as his top priority.
  • challenging students to synthesize what they learn.
  • serving as a role model for his students.
  • supporting those students "who cannot ignore" their passion and wish to pursue career goals in music.

The words of his dean summarizes what Tim's students know:

Tim is one of the most gifted teachers I know.
- Walt Birkedahl

March 2010 Faculty of the Month

Mandy Kwok-Yip
Counseling Department

Mandy is a member of the International Education Committee, and the faculty advisor for the International Club. She is also one of the "go-to" counselors for Chinese-speaking students, international students, and English Language Institute (ELI) graduates.

Words can hardly do justice to just how much Mandy's patient, kind, and caring support of students has contributed to their success and maturation. Her understanding of the needs of non-native speakers of English has helped countless members of the local-area immigrant communities Ohlone College serves.

Her sensitivity to the unique acculturation challenges faced by international students has helped them assimilate into the campus community, and so enrich the lives of Ohlone faculty, staff, and students alike.

February 2010 Faculty of the Month

Phil Zahorsky
Music Department

Phil Zahorsky created Chops and the Ohlone Wind Orchestra and is credited with attracting highly skilled players to the groups. Students say Phil is "one of the best teachers they've had in college" and that he is “awesome.” He is a valuable member of the Ohlone community.

Phil is a team player in a department that is remarkable for its cohesiveness and vision. He has served as a quality faculty member for many years and yet has not tired in his pursuit of excellence. This honor is bestowed upon him by his colleagues in the Faculty Senate. Congratulations Phil!

December 2009 Faculty of the Month

Rachel Sherman
Chair, Curriculum Committee
English Department

Rachel is chair of the Curriculum Committee and has taken it upon herself to attend several of the statewide meetings on this increasingly complex assignment. Within her department, Rachel is responsible for the recent creation of the Environmental Literature course. She has also been heavily involved in the restructuring of the English 101A lab component.

November 2009 Faculty of the Month

Rosemary O'Neill
Personal Counseling and Life Coach Services
Student Health Center

The Faculty Senate is honored to announce that Rosemary O'Neill is the Faculty of the Month for November. Rosemary was hired in Fall 2004 to create Ohlone's mental health services program. She has provided outstanding support for students, faculty, and staff in helping the students work through the myriad complications of life.

October 2009 Faculty of the Month

Alan Kirshner
History and Political Science Departments

Dr. Kirshner has been a faculty member in the History department since 1971 and has served the college as both President of the Faculty Senate and President of the UFO. He has participated on countless committees, been an outstanding and tireless advocate for faculty, and has personally ensured that the quality of the faculty hired by the history department meet his high professional standards. Dr. Kirshner was also one of the first faculty to teach an online class.

Today, Dr. Kirshner continues his tradition of serving the faculty and the college through his participation on the Distance Learning Committee, the Faculty Senate, and another term as President of the UFO.

September 2009 Faculty of the Month

Deb Parziale
Registered Nursing Department
Professional Development Coordinator

Deb Parziale is a 30 year Ohlone faculty member in the Nursing Department. Over the past ten years, she has filled several important roles at the College. These include

  • Chairing the Curriculum Committee
  • Implementing the Curricunet Course Approval software
  • Serving as Staff Development Coordinator
  • Implementing the Curricunet Program Review Module
  • Helping to create the classified staff flex program
  • Coordinating the faculty flex activities