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May 2011 Faculty of the Month

Tom McMahon
Psychology Department

This is the last Faculty of the Month until September, and its a well deserved one.

Our last Faculty of the Month for 2010-2011 is particularly special, because it is both an announcement of an honor and an announcement of a retirement, as this Faculty of the Month will be taking the SERP in June.

Tom has taught at Ohlone College for 35 years. He has two daughters at Pepperdine University. He counsels juvenile inmates 10-17 years old once a week at San Leandro Juvenile Hall. He helped start an internship for Ohlone Students at the State Capital in 1978. He teaches around 300(!) students every semester. He has a syndicated newspaper column. He is a published author, and he will be missed by the Ohlone college community.

Please give a thank you for all of your service if you see Tom McMahon around campus!

—Wayne Yuen, Philosophy Faculty

April 2011 Faculty of the Month

Narinder Bansal
Environmental Studies Departments

April's faculty of the month is Narinder Bansal! Narinder has been instrumental in developing the Environmental Studies curriculum, works hard in the Newark campus' organic garden, and serves on numerous committees, including the sustainability committee.

Narinder is also an exceptional grant writer, and has helped form relationships with De Anza, Skyline, and Napa colleges around environmental studies.

Everyone should give a hearty congratulations to Narinder when you see him!

—Wayne Yuen, Philosophy Faculty

March 2011 Faculty of the Month

Rob Smedfjeld
Math Departments

Rob was the champion for the Student Awards Ceremony last year saving it from cancellation, and currently serves on the Student Awards Committee, CEER, and is Co-chair of the Technology Committee.

He was Faculty Senate President from 2002-2004 and was chair of the hiring committee for our previous College president, Doug Treadway.

He is currently working with Deb Parziale and Nicole Sandoval on developing the adjunct faculty orientation as well.

Rob is one of the most tireless workers here at Ohlone, so if you see him around, thank him for all of his service!

—Wayne Yuen, Philosophy Faculty

February 2011 Faculty of the Month

Heather McCarty
History and Political Science Departments

  • She is a SF City Guide, leading free historic walking tours of the Mission Dolores Neighborhood.
  • She is one of 10 scholars who have been invited to participate in a two part annual symposium at the William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies.
  • She is part of the Teaching American History Grant via UC Berkeley History Social Science Project, where she works with 4th, 5th, 8th, and 11th grade teachers around the Bay Area improving their historical literacy.
  • Along with many others, she helped revamp the academic dishonesty procedures and reporting process.*
  • She created the Women's history and Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies courses.
  • She helped found the Center for Civic Engagement in 2007 and is the advisor to the Civic Engagement club, which last year helped organize the March in March to protest the budget proposed budget cuts.**
  • As Chief negotiator for the UFO she helped negotiate 100% paid sabbatical for 1 semester, extended banked dollars for use with academic leave OR parental/baby bonding leave, a right to use accrued sick leave for FMLA leaves, and lowered the class size load factor.***
  • She's currently on the the 2020 committee, and HR benefits committee, and part of the negotiating team for the UFO contract.

Please give a hearty congratulations to Heather McCarty!

—Wayne Yuen, Philosophy Faculty

Heather really wanted to emphasize some of these were collaborative achievements so here are her co-credits:

* Sarah Cooper, Debbie Lemon, and Barbara Duggal.

** Matt Freeman helped found the center, and the students in the club have been instrumental in the club's many successes.

*** Darren Bardell being co-negotiator also deserves important thanks.

December 2010-January 2011 Faculty of the Month

Dennis Keller
Music Department

The person selected for Faculty of the Month for December is so fantastic, we decided to give him two months instead of one! (Also since December is two weeks long, and January is two weeks long, the committee decided that someone should have the right to the parking spot for 4 weeks of class at least.)

That honor goes to Dennis Keller who has been representing our college internationally, as well as contributing to our college locally.

Dennis has been to China, representing Ohlone College, eight times in the last three years, and has helped established our Sister College programs in Shanghai, Suzhou, Taizhou and Zhejiang.

Additionally, he is the founder and conductor of the Ohlone College Chamber Singers, been Co-chair of College Council for four years, and is currently a member of International Education Committee.

Normally I would end on a congratulatory note, but instead, I think it is far more appropriate to end on a note of deepest and sincerest thanks. Dennis, you really deserve this.

November 2010 Faculty of the Month

Brenda Ahntholz
Speech and Communication Studies Department

She's currently serving on the GE Subcommittee, and is a key figure in the Speech and Communication Studies Department's speaker series.

She is an endless source of positive energy as well. I can't be around Brenda without smiling!

Congratulations Brenda!

October 2010 Faculty of the Month

Bob Bradshaw
Math Department

I'd like to offer a warm and well deserved congratulations to Bob Bradshaw, our Faculty of the Month for October.

Bob has recently finished a stint as Faculty Senate President, and at the beginning of this semester, stepped up to take over many of Curtis Bressler's courses.

There is a million more things to say about Bob, but I want to keep this announcement message short. Again, congratulations Bob, and thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the college.