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Blink Network Level 2 EV Charger being used by blue car.Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations have been installed at the Fremont.

Vehicles must be moved away from the charging stations when charging is complete. Violators will be cited and are subject to being towed.

The EV charging stations are on theĀ Blink Network by Car Charging Group, Inc. (CarCharging), a pioneer in nationwide public electric vehicle (EV) charging services, enabling EV drivers to easily recharge at locations throughout the United States.

Blink is an electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and product line owned by CarCharging. Blink refers to the branded EV charging stations, software, and online service components that make up a rich charging infrastructure known as the Blink Network.

Charging Rates and Membership

Blink Network check in screen for Members and Guests.Please refer to the Blink Network website for information about charging rates and membership in the Blink Network. If you are not a member of the Blink Network, you may be able to charge your vehicle as a Blink Guest (information on the Blink Network website).

Hours Available

The charging stations are available when the Ohlone Fremont and Newark Center campuses are open:

  • Open daily 6:00am - 11:00pm
  • Closed daily 11:00pm - 6:00am

The charging stations are not available when the campuses are closed.

Location of EV Chargers

Installation of EV charging stations on the Fremont campus is completed.

All chargers are Level 2 (240 volt AC input) chargers except one DC Fast Charger (480 volt 3-Phase AC input).

EV Charging Stations - Fremont Campus
Location* Type of Charger Number of Chargers
Lot A Level 2 5
Lot A DC Fast Charger 1
(able to charge 2 vehicles at same time)
Lot H Level 2
Building 10 (Warehouse) Level 2 1
Parking Structure Marked spaces Not available

* Parking areas are marked on the Fremont Campus Map.

Learn about the Blink Level 2 (240 volt AC input) charger and Blink DC Fast Charger (480 volt 3-Phase AC input). The chargers are part of the Blink Network, and the College does not maintain or operate them.

Blink Network EV Chargers at Ohlone College, Fremont campus.Blink Network EV Charging Stations in Lot A at Ohlone College, Fremont campus.
Left: Level 2 chargers. Right: DC Fast Charger.

Regulations for use of EV Chargers

  1. The EV charging stations at Ohlone College are open to the general public when the campuses are open and anyone can use them.

  2. Electric vehicles may park in the charging stations only while the vehicle is being charged. Vehicles must be moved away from the charging stations when charging is complete. Violators will be cited and are subject to being towed.

  3. An Ohlone College parking permit is not needed to park at a charging station while a vehicle is being charged. An Ohlone College parking permit is required to park anywhere else at Ohlone College. Violators will be cited.

  4. Non-electric and hybrid vehicles may not park at the charging stations. Violators will be cited and are subject to being towed.

Additional EV charging networks and locations are available nearby. There are a variety of mobile phone applications useful for finding electric vehicle charging stations; one such app is called Recargo.

Questions and Problems

If there are questions or problems with any of the Blink EV charging stations, please contact Blink Network at (888) 998-BLINK (2546) or support@blinknetwork.com. For information about Blink Network and the Blink chargers, please visit the Blink Network website.

Ohlone College does not maintain or operate the EV charging stations installed at the Fremont and Newark campuses. Ohlone will be reimbursed by Blink Network for the electricity used by the charging stations.

Parking regulations are enforced by Ohlone College Campus Police Services / Safety and Security (CPS). Questions or concerns about parking at Ohlone College should be directed to CPS at (510) 659-6111 (Fremont) or (510) 742-2311 (Newark).