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  • Fremont campus 900+ space Parking Structure is open on the fifth floor; enter using Pine Street (south entrance to campus). Parking permits are required.
  • Fremont campus AC Transit bus service will be reinstated effective Saturday, August 22 in Key D above Lot P. Bus stops at Keys A and B along Witherly Lane are no longer in service.
  • Fremont campus Lot D will be designated for Staff Parking only by the start of the Fall 2015 semester.
  • Fremont campus Lot K and portions of Lots D and E are closed for Athletics Fields construction.

Staff must display a valid Staff Parking Permit to park on an Ohlone College campus. Students, guests, and visitors are not permitted to park in Staff Parking spaces, except as noted below for Parking Lots W and Q.

Staff Parking Permits

Staff Parking Permits, full time and part time.A valid Staff Parking Permit (full time or part time) allows a staff member to park in one parking space, except restricted spaces. A Staff Parking Permit is free for Ohlone College employees. All parking permits are the property of the Ohlone Community College District. Upon termination of employment, the Staff Parking Permit must be returned to Campus Police Services.

Ohlone College employees at the Fremont and Newark Center campuses may obtain a Staff Parking Permit by contacting Campus Police Services.

If your Staff Parking Permit is worn out, lost, or otherwise needs to be replaced, please contact Campus Police Services for assistance. There is no charge to replace a damaged or stolen Staff Parking Permit. There is a $4 charge to replace a lost Staff Parking Permit.

Additional Staff Parking Permit Rules

  • Staff Parking Permits are valid at both the Fremont and Newark campuses.
  • The Staff Parking Permit must be visibly and prominently displayed for traffic enforcement personnel viewing - it should be hung from the rear-view mirror or positioned face up at the lower front window corner on the driver's side of the vehicle.
  • Staff Parking Permits may not be transferred or lent to another person.

Staff Parking Permit for Newark Center Employees

If you have no plans to go to the Fremont campus to process your permit request, you may follow this proccess which will take approximately 4 working days:

  1. Fill out and sign the Staff Parking Permit Information Form (PDF)
  2. Turn in form to the Newark Center Campus Police Office, Room NC1001, first floor, off the lobby
  3. The application will then be sent to the Campus Police Services Main Office on the Fremont campus for processing
  4. After processing is complete, the Main CPS Office will then forward the Staff Parking Permit to the Newark Center Campus Police Office
  5. The permit can be picked up from the Newark Center Campus Police Office, Room NC1001, first floor, off the lobby.

Staff Parking at Fremont Campus

With a valid Staff Parking Permit, a staff member may park in one parking space in:

except those spaces designated as Administration or Police/Emergency Vehicle.

Staff Drop-off / Pick-up Parking Spaces

For the convenience and assistance to staff who must transport heavy supplies or equipment, there are two (2) spaces in Parking Lot C (northwest side of portables) that are specifically set aside for 15-minuite employee parking for the purpose of dropping off or picking up equipment or supplies.

The maximum time limit is fifteen (15) minutes - which will be strictly enforced. If you are parked for more than 15 minutes, you will be cited and the citation will not be dismissed.

Please do not abuse these spaces as it will not only result in receiving a citation but may result in the loss of these spaces.

Staff Parking Lot W Motorcycle Parking Area

The motorcycle parking area in upper-campus Staff Parking Lot W is open to student, staff, and visitor motorcycles with a valid Parking Permit.

Staff Parking Lot Q next to Building 27 (restricted)

Parking Lot Q on the north, east, and south sides of Building 27 is restricted to Ohlone College President's Office, Academic Affairs Office, and Research Office employees and their visitors.

Vehicles parked in Parking Lot Q without a valid Building 27 Guest or Temporary Parking Permit will be cited and citations will not be dismissed.

Staff Parking at Newark Campus

With a valid Staff Parking Permit, a staff member may park in one parking space in:

  • spaces marked for Staff Parking next to the equipment yard (north of Lot B)
  • Parking Lots B, C, or D

except those spaces designated as Administration or Police/Emergency Vehicle.

Parking Violations

A parking citation will be issued to violators of Ohlone College parking regulations.

Parking regulations are enforced by Ohlone College Campus Police Services / Safety and Security (CPS). Questions or concerns about parking at Ohlone College should be directed to CPS at (510) 659-6111 (Fremont) or (510) 742-2311 (Newark).