Spotlight on Ohlone:
Atomic fashion presented in Helium

By Najia Qadir and Jillian sanchez Staff writers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009—Reprinted from Monitor.

Helium Zine founders Jack Husting and Matt Mountford hosted a fashion show that showcased Bay Area designers, giving them an outlet to share their talent. Models local to the Bay Area donned various styles of clothing. —Photos by Manal Bijoui.

“Where fashion is Atomic.”

That is Helium Magazine’s slogan and promise to everyone in their circulation.

The mission? To break the stereotype, change the mold and reconfigure the belief that the Silicon Valley is nothing but constant breakthroughs in technology.

Helium is a new magazine that offers independent artists and designers to express their creativity.

Editor-in-Chief Matthew Mountford is an Ohlone graduate who has founded three different magazines including Ohlone’s own Midnight Magazine.

Mountford and Jack Husting teamed up at San Jose State University to create Helium.

“I’ve never done anything fashionable,” Mountford said. “Fashion is more fun than anything else.”

Helium’s first issue came out this semester and has managed to create an open door for aspiring designers, photographers and artists. “Helium keeps getting bigger,” said Mountford.

Husting, art director for Helium, was also photo editor to both the Monitor and Midnight.

Husting, along with the rest of the staff, hope to expand the fashion scene out of the Silicon Valley and become known nationwide. Just like an expanding balloon, Helium is striving for the same expansion.

Female model in shiny pantsuit with lacey top.Helium gave designers the great opportunity to express the creative talents.

The magazine put on a promotional show last Friday that would have impressed any of the fashion gods.

Abstract enough to gain artist appreciation and edgy to a point of interest to anyone in the audience, the Atomic Fashion Show was both impressive, creative and anything but boring.

Nine designers displayed their lines at the show, presenting clothes that students could actually wear as opposed to some designers who display gaudy couture designs.

“The lines are all different, ranging from casual dressy to couture,” Husting said.

Just about anyone can pull off what was presented; as the designs were fashion-friendly and creatively styled.

“Helium Magazine is big on diversity, bringing all cultures together and exposing the outcome through the outlet of this unique fashion magazine” said Husting.

Throughout the show different cultures were infused in the designs on the runway.

The atmospere was filled with intense electric music, a fabulous fashion foward crowd and an array of creativity that gave everyone the impression that what was about to happen would be an explosion.

Female model in tank top and short skirt.Two female models in dresses.

Husting also gave information about the release of a Zine at every fashion show that the magazine hosts.The first Zine was released at the Atomic Fashion Show last Friday at the SJSU student Union Ballroom.

The zine informs readers of every designer along with a bio and pictures of designs featured on the runway.

Additional information includes where to purchase the outfits presented throughout the show.

This Zine is an inspired idea and will give the reader the opportunity to either purchase an outfit or discover more about the designer.

Helium’s aim is to establish a fashionable and trendy name for the West Coast giving the Silicon Valley some needed flair.

“Were trying to be bigger and better all the time,” said Husting. Giving aspiring artists the opportunity to showcase their work is something Helium strives for.

Mountford and Husting have created an impressive magazine and can stand with the likes of those who are fashionably aware and artisticly gifted. Keeping up with the lastest news, Helium continues to impress.

The Helium has cutting edge news on the art scene, the potential to stand with some of the best fashion magazines out there and is “something to be proud of.”

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