Spotlight on Ohlone:
Shairon Zingsheim takes over in Human Resources

By Theresa Gutierrez, Staff writer.

Thursday, October 29, 2009—Reprinted from Monitor.

An open-door, friendly, customer service environment is one of the things that Shairon Zingsheim envisions for Ohlone’s Human Resources Department.

Shairon is one of the new faces we have on staff and started on Sept. 28 as the new Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Training.

She joins the staff having previous experience at Gavilan College in Gilroy and is replacing the last permanent Dean of Human Resources, Lyle Engeldinger, who left Ohlone in September 2008.

As of July 2008, there have been a tremendous amount of changes within Ohlone’s structure and school board. Although Shairon’s driving force is to provide a higher level of customer service, she said her first goal is to try and stabilize the human resources organization before trying to take on new initiatives.

Unfortunately, as with a majority of the other departments, the budget cuts have directly affected the Human Resources department as well. Shairon’s goal is to have a Human Resources department that is based on customer service delivery and that invites students to come seek help and guidance.

She said in the past, she feels that students have perceived the human resource department as having closed doors and being unapproachable, that will hopefully change very soon. Regrettably, the department is not currently positioned to offer the level of service the college should be providing and because of the budget cuts, there are two important positions in the department that currently cannot be filled.

Although Zingsheim answers directly to Ohlone’s president and mainly works with the president’s staff, she said she would like to always keep in direct contact with the students.

In the past, she has held classes on career development, resume writing, and different career workshops. Staying directly in touch with the students is something that is very important to Zingsheim, it not only allows her to work personally with the students, but helps her remember why she is here, to help the students succeed.

Zingsheim said she is hopeful that she will receive the opportunity to provide the same classes and workshops at Ohlone. Zingsheim said, “I am very happy to be here. Ohlone has incredible building blocks for excellence and I am just happy to be able to join the upward mobility of the school.”

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