Spotlight on Ohlone:
Ilene (Sam) Katz, Math Professor, is a STAR in Promoting Student Engagement and Success!

Here are a few of Sam’s many accomplishments!

  • Worked with the Tutoring Committee to development two tutor training courses (EDU 191A and 191B) which prepare students to receive College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certification. CRLA certification qualifies students to tutor at any of the over 500 colleges in the U.S. and Canada that have CRLA programs. Sam has been teaching these courses for many years now!

  • Worked with a group of faculty (with special thanks to Shirin Maskatia), staff and deans to develop the Learning Assistant Program/Supplemental Instruction (LAPSI) Program.  This program was free, voluntary, and open to the entire student population of a specific course. LAPSI sessions were regularly scheduled, out of class collaborative sessions in which students compared notes, discussed readings and concepts, developed learning, study and test-taking skills, and worked on group activities.  LAPSI helped “A” students keep their “A” and helped struggling students pull up their grades.  For the last 3 years this program has been very successful. Now it will be transitioning into an “Embedded Tutoring” Program which will be directed by Mikelyn Stacey and Martha Brown.

  • Sam is also participating in a Learning Community with Wayne Takakuwa called “Success in Algebra” and reports great student success.

Three cheers to our student success champion!

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