Spotlight on Ohlone:
English professor to explain metaphor

By Isaac West, Staff writer.

Thursday, March 12, 2009—Reprinted from Monitor.

Perri Gallagher.English Professor Perri Gallagher will give a stirring presentation on metaphors this Friday. She will be speaking at the Conference on College Composition and Communication “Four C’s.” The convention will be held in San Francisco. It will be from 3:30 to 4:45 p.m.

Gallagher will be featured during “Research on Writing in Digital Environments.” Gallagher’s presentation is entitled “More Than Poetic Examination: Metaphors That Structure Online Instructor Views.

“I will be speaking about my research on the metaphor, which is not the ‘poetic’ kind that we normally think of, but a form that reveals how we are thinking about something. So, for example, when we say that a romantic relationship is ‘going nowhere’ that is understood in terms of the metaphor ‘love is a journey.’ This is called conceptual metaphor, and is part of what I’m studying,” said Gallagher.

Gallagher is currently working on his Doctorate of Education Degree (Ed.D) at Alliant International University, getting the title of her presentation from his dissertation.

She wants to be involved in the presentation for the CCCC annual convention because it’s very difficult to get a proposal accepted, with hundreds of people presenting over three days.

“I wanted to be involved because it’s good to present my research before defending it formally, and to learn from questions or feedback from my professional peers,” said Gallagher.

The special aspect about the CCCC Annual Convention is to hear award-winning keynote speakers, attend presentations by colleagues on the latest innovations in education and network to gain acknowledge of best practices in the field.

The Four C’s is the college specific interest group within the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), a professional organization of English and language arts teachers at all levels.

“Within the NCTE, the two-year colleges are represented by the Two-Year College Association (TYCA) and it’s great to be able to meet with that group, and those in it who also represent the English Council of California Two-Year Colleges (ECCTYC) which is the California regional representation within TYCA.

“I was a board member of ECCTYC and chaired their conference in 2001. All of these organizations are deeply committed to the teaching of writing, advocacy, and to research in the profession,” said Gallagher.

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