Spotlight on Ohlone:
Ohlone students express their worldly styles

By Ahn Huynh, Staff writer.

Thursday, September 30, 2010—Reprinted from Monitor.

Ohlone College represents a world of culture, united in learning. Our curriculum is academically diverse so we intermingle with people with different backgrounds, age groups and professional designations.

Our cultural diversity is obvious in the array of styles reflecting our personalities, preferences and expressions.

5 students. (From left): Anum Erooq, Zachary Kohler, Amna Naeem, Joseph Schmitz, Ashlyn Danielsen.. —Photos by Andrew Barr.

You can see meticulously dressed up folks to casual comfortable ones, as well as those in between. Our ratio of international students also contributes refreshing trends.

I caught Rita Lali, an ESL student from China, in shorts accompanied with leggings, a cardigan and a Gucci bag. She effortlessly balanced the luxury accessory with the easygoing feminine outfit.She looks to fashion magazines such as Vivi.

Jennifer La and Tiffany Hoang had an edgier, polished look. La wore stretch skinny-fit denim with a boat-neck knit top.

Hoang wore a multicolored stripe top with ankle length skinny-fit pants. Both ladies sported an eclectic mixture of rings, bracelets and necklaces.

They are inspired by street style and prefer to find treasures from thrift stores to boutiques.

Sitting under the shades of Building 2: Lola Ramos in a John-Paul Gaultier for Target cropped trench coat, David Collins and his signature Ray-Ban sunglasses and Monica Ramos in different shades of denim.

Other students like Amna Naeem and Anum Erooq look to the stylish character Blair from Gossip Girl.

Zachary Kohler, who had a backpack on one shoulder and a guitar case on the other, attributes his similarity to Billy Joel from Greenday.

Ashlynn Danielsen, a Photography/Englishstudentwho hopes to study fashion, looks to for inspirations.

She mixed denim shorts with blue/black leopard print cardigan and a pair of baby blue sunglasses.

Hector Hupp, unaffectedby popular trends, wore a striped knit headscarf contrasted by a pair of New People headphones and cropped black leather gloves from Arizona.

A chemical engineering student, Joseph Schmitz, stayed true to his musical taste by wearing a Rolling Stones shirt and aviator glasses.

It’s not only students that exudestyle, Learning Disabilities Counselor Terry Taskey wore a black knit wrap with intricate embroidered detail on the back.

From Hip-Hop style sagged pants to hipster skinny pants, from hooded sweaters to cardigans and blazers, from luxury goods to thrift store finds, you can be sure to be exposed to a world of styles, here at Ohlone.

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