Spotlight on Ohlone:
Sculpted animals invade president’s office

By Anika Dokes, Staff writer.

Thursday, March 11, 2010—Reprinted from Monitor.

Ohlone is energized to present and display new, creative and unique artwork presented by students in the President’s Office in Building 1.

These various artworks show the creative side of students’ work and what they have accomplished in the drawings. This is a chance for the Ohlone community to experience this rotating artwork and get up close to these outstanding drawings.

Three art pieces made with different types of wire. Top: blue wire dolphin; above: wire squirrel; right: snake. —Photos by Amy Kent.

Katherine Frank, who is an artwork coordinator and a professor who teaches 3D Design, said “The importance of having a meaning behind an art piece can be the form itself but sometimes the concept can be narrative or about a certain idea.”

“Eventually, do you have enough information that is engaging to the viewers or do you want to spell everything out.” The 3D Design is a continuation of the 2D Design class, which is a lecture/ studio class that emphasizes the advanced study of color and the theory principles of three-dimensional form.

There are always pieces of artwork displayed in the President’s office, however students have the opportunity to have their own artistic work be shown for everyone to see. Most of the artwork is displayed for one to two months and eventually rotates.

Faculty members are also showcasing projects that they are doing in their classes. Rachel Higgins is a graphic design student at Ohlone who is enrolled in the 3D Design class. Higgins said, “the way I approach things is to be challenged with a problem and finding a solution for it.” Her recent work that she created was based on her late husband and dog, who passed away.

However, Higgins also said, for her piece she tried finding objects that have some meaning that related to them in some way related to them. “Putting together the pieces to tell a story of what their life was and what I remembered best about them.”

A majority of Higgins’ artwork that she creates has is centralized on her past and how it reflects her own artwork and creativity.

Please come out and support the various artworks that students have displayed.

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