Spotlight on Ohlone:
Student travels to China, lives the dream

By Anika Dokes, Staff writer.

Thursday, April 29, 2010—Reprinted from Monitor.

Tyler on stage. Weist, right and Alonzo goof around on stage.

Have you ever wondered when a big opportunity would come your way? Sometimes it is better to start believing and dreaming at any age.

One student at Ohlone has had the biggest dream of his life come true. Tyler Wiest, who is a Broadcast major, is in China this week living a dream.

Wiest, who has done a great amount of backstage work, has done more than five-hundred shows at Ohlone. He has participated in numerous magic shows with Ed Alonzo.

Wiest is in China this entire week as a stage manager and has been performing in magic shows that have been allowing him to demonstrate some of his talent.

The magic show will be bringing magicians of all magnitudes together to perform.

Wiest has participated in numerous magic show acts with Ed Alonzo’s Misfit of Magic at Great America, the Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem at Great American and the World Magic Awards in 2008 with Neil Patrick Harris.

In addition, Wiest has also participated in other magic acts. He teamed up with Craig Wilson in the Annual Fire Fighter Charity Event in San Jose for the performing arts and with Chipper Lowell.

The magic shows Weist is performing are not far South of Beijing. There are a total of 10 shows and Weist steals the spotlight for 25 minutes of that two hour show.

Wiest has been in China since last Thursday and will return May 6th. Weist is an example to all of us. Do what you love and accomplish the impossible.

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