Faculty Websites

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Ohlone College Faculty Websites
Name Department
Abramson, Joel Broadcasting
Ahntholz, Brenda Communication Studies
Anderson, Sylvia Mathematics
Arellano, Rick CAOT
Babu, Priya Mathematics
Bardell, Darren History, Political Science
Barnby, Mark Biology
Bitzer, Steve Mathematics
Bloom, Andy Mathematics
Bradshaw, Bob Mathematics
Brandt, Teresa (Tess) English
Brosamer, Mark English
Chen, Margaret Lee Biology
Cho, Elaine Mathematics
Citron-Pousty, Jill Psychology
Cominos, Rich Administration of Justice
Cooper, Sarah Psychology
Dameron, Carrie Registered Nursing
Daniels, Sarah Psychology
De Unamuno, Mike Counseling
Degallier, Jon Computer Science
Dennis, Rob Journalism
Dinsmore, Nancy Registered Nursing
Favela, Larissa Communication Studies
Franklin, Debra Registered Nursing
Gallagher, Perri English
Gao, Yong Computer Science
Grant, Maru Chemistry
Hanna, Steve Computer Science, History, Administration of Justice
Hatter, Amber Business Administration, Business Supervision / Management, Real Estate
Helms, Sheldon Psychology
Holmes, Janet Music
Honma, Chieko Mathematics
Hurley, Jennifer English
Issel-Tarver, Laurie Biotechnology, Biology
Jones, Janice Early Childhood Studies, History
Katz, Ilene (Sam) Mathematics
Kaur, Jassi Consumer Family Sciences
Keller, Dennis Music
Kelso, Josephine English
Klent, Jim (emeritus) Chemistry
Klopping, Sandra (Bunny) ASL / Deaf Studies
Kuehner, Allison English
Livie, Kyle History
Madden, Carmen Creative Writing
McCarty, Heather History, Political Science, Gender and Women's Studies
McDowell, Michele Early Childhood Studies
McManus, Jim Music
Mosleh, Tina Business Administration: Economics
Mueller, Paul Art: Photography
Mukherjee, Sweta Mathematics
Nance, Candice Business Administration
Nguyen, Anh Mathematics
O'Connell, Jeff Mathematics
Olsen, Connie ESL
Parks, Bill Journalism
Parziale, Deb (emeritus) Registered Nursing
Pelimiano, Mylene Mathematics
Pham, Jim Computer Science
Reynoso, Brenda Counseling
Roberts, Tim Music
Saleem, Sobia English
Scofield, Sally Registered Nursing
Singh, V.P. Mathematics
Smedfjeld, Rob Mathematics
Stamatakis, Jeannine Psychology
Staszkow, Ronald (emeritus) Mathematics
Stiles, Kim Registered Nursing
Swamy, Rakesh English
Tan, Charlene Physics
Tomblin-Brown, Janel Theatre and Dance
Topham, David Computer Science
VanDeusen, Bernadette Registered Nursing
Virgil, Tracy English
Watanabe, Jeff Biology, Environmental Studies
Webb, Elisa Work Experience Education
Wong, William Mathematics, Deaf Studies

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