Transfer Information and Career Opportunities in Administration of Justice

Transfer Information for Administration of Justice Majors

The following California State University and University of California offer majors in Administration of Justice (Criminal Justice Administration) or related fields. The campuses that offer the major are identified next to each major name. Select a campus abbreviation next to a major to get more information about that major through the ASSIST online student transfer information system.

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  • Criminal Justice - Paralegal Studies Option B.A. (CSUSB)
  • Criminal Justice Administration B.A. (SSU)
  • Criminal Justice Administration B.S. (CSUDH, CSUEB, SDSU, SJSU)
  • Criminal Justice B.A. Concentration in Corrections (CSUSTAN)
  • Criminal Justice B.A. Concentration in Forensic Science (CSUSTAN)
  • Criminal Justice B.A. Concentration in Law Enforcement (CSUSTAN)
  • Criminal Justice B.S. (CSULA, CSULB, CSUS)
  • Criminal Justice B.S. General Option (CSULA)
  • Criminal Justice B.S. Law Enforcement Option (CSULA)
  • Criminology and Justice Studies B.A. (CSUSM)
  • Criminology B.S. with Correction Option (CSUFRES)
  • Criminology B.S. with Law Enforcement Option (CSUFRES)
  • Criminology B.S. with Victimology Option (CSUFRES)
  • Criminology, Law and Society B.A. (UCI)
  • Human Communication B.A. Concentration in Pre-Law (CSUMB)
  • Law and Society B.A. (UCSB)
  • Public Administration B.S. with Criminal Justice Administration Concentration (CSUDH)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences B.A. (CSUMB)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences B.S. Concentration in Sociology (CSUMB)
  • Social Sciences B.S. Concentration in Criminal Justice (CPSLO)
  • Sociology B.A. (SJSU)
  • Sociology B.A. Concentration in Social Deviance and Criminology (CSUSTAN)
  • Sociology B.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice Option (CSUN)
  • Sociology B.A. with Criminology Option (CPP)

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Career Opportunities in Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice Associate Degree and the Certificate curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment in entry level and advanced positions in the public and private sectors.

The program prepares students for positions such as police officer, deputy sheriff, state or federal patrol and investigative officer, correctional aide, security specialist, community service officer, police cadet, and reserve officer, as well as manager and supervisor in these individual fields. Placement may depend on job availability and the successful completion of an entrance examination.

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