Art Courses

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A sampling of courses for this discipline includes (not a complete list):

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  • ART/IS/MUS/TD-100 Survey of the Arts
  • ART-101 Art: An Introduction
  • Male student drawing.ART-103A Survey of World Art History - Prehistoric Through the Middle Ages
  • ART-103B Survey of World Art History - From Renaissance to Contemporary
  • ART-103C Survey of Non-European Art
  • ART-104A 2D Design
  • ART-104B 3D Design
  • ART-104C Color
  • ART-105A Glass Art and Design
  • ART-105B Advanced Glass Fabrication
  • ART-105C Three-Dimensional Glass
  • ART-106A Descriptive Drawing
  • ART-106B Intermediate Descriptive Drawing
  • ART-107A/B Life Drawing
  • ART-108 Perspective Drawing
  • ART/GA-109A Beginning Graphic Design I (Letter Forms and Typography)
  • ART/GA-109B Beginning Graphic Design II
  • ART/GA-110A/B Advanced Graphic Design
  • ART-111A Painting - Color and Composition
  • ART-111B Painting
  • ART-116A Basic Sculpture
  • ART-116B Advanced Sculpture
  • ART-116C Sculpture and Beyond
  • ART-117A Museum and Gallery Techniques (Exhibition Production)
  • ART-117B Museum and Gallery Techniques (Promotional Graphics)
  • ART-119A 3-Dimensional Studio Lab
  • ART-120A/B Ceramic Studio Development and Maintenance
  • ART-121A/B Introductory Ceramics
  • ART-122A/B Ceramic Throwing
  • ART-123 Ceramic Decorating
  • ART-124 Advanced Ceramic Decorating
  • ART-127A Site-Specific and Art Installation I
  • ART-131 History of Photography
  • ART-133A Black and White Photography
  • ART-133B Intermediate Black and White Photography
  • ART-133C Advanced Black and White Photography
  • ART-133L Photography Studio Lab
  • ART/GA-138A Beginning Photoshop
  • ART/GA-138B Intermediate Photoshop
  • ART-139A/GA-169A Beginning Digital Photography
  • ART-139B/GA-169B Intermediate Digital Photography
  • ART-140 Digital Video for the Web and DVD
  • ART/JOUR-146/147/148 Photography/Graphic Arts Newspaper Staff
  • ART/ID-150A Interior Design Concepts
  • ART/ID-150B Interior Design
  • ART/ID-151 Visualization and Presentation
  • ART/ID-153 History of Decorative Arts
  • ART/ID-154 Contemporary Home Design
  • ART/ID-155A Architectural Drafting for Interior Design
  • ART/ID-155B CAD for Interior Design
  • ART/ID-155C Intermediate CAD for Interior Design
  • ART/ID-156 Architectural Modelmaking for Interior Design
  • ART/ID-157 Professional Practice for Interior Design
  • ART/ID-158 Textiles
  • ART/ID-159A Applied Design: Residential Lighting
  • ART/ID-159B Applied Design: Color for the Home
  • ART/GA-160A/B Computer Graphics
  • ART/GA-161A/B Digital Graphics
  • ART-163 Digital Arts Lab - Macintosh

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Student Learning Outcomes

General Art Courses

Female student working on a painting.Upon successful completion of the courses in this discipline, the student will have acquired the following knowledge and skills:

  • Demonstrate the skills to undertake a conceptual analysis of art.
  • Demonstrate observational skills.
  • Understand and apply concepts and methods of composition.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of significant examples of the visual arts.
  • Be prepared for ensuing courses of Art History and Studio Arts.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to the art of both the European and non-western cultures.
  • Reproduce and/or render what the student sees in a variety of media.
  • Design and plan finished works of art (i.e. paintings, models, drawings, computer graphics, advertisements, floor plans).
  • Explain and communicate basic objectives of design and/or plan of works of art.
  • Create or manufacture finished works of art based on initial designs.

Graphic Arts / Computer Graphics

Upon successful completion of the courses in this discipline, the student will have acquired the following knowledge and skills:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of letter form design, type specification, copy fitting, and thumbnails and mechanicals.
  • Demonstrate mastery of computer graphics programs, scanners, tablets, digital cameras, and color printers.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of elements of design, design principles, gestalt theory.
  • Apply the methods of effective visual communication.
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills at an appropriate level.

Interior Design

See the Interior Design website.


See the Multimedia and Graphic Arts website.