Astronomy Department

Eclipse of the Sun

On the afternoon of Thursday, October 23 (the day of the new moon), the sun will be partially obscured (about 50%) by the moon. While not a total eclipse (that won't happen in the USA until 2017), it means that by 2:30pm the amount of sunlight lighting up our part of the world will be cut in half.

The Astrophysics Club will be hosting observing events at both campuses. Telescopes with filters and UV absorbing glasses available (under supervised use), Q&A, and pizza will be available too!

  • Thursday, October 23, 2014
  • All afternoon - eclipse maximum around 2:30pm
  • Fremont campus: Quad
  • Newark campus: Courtyard

Astronomy Degree and Certificate

Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree

Natural Science: Physical Science Emphasis A.A. Degree (PDF) - Designed to enable students to develop a strong foundation in the physical sciences. Furthermore, the theoretical knowledge and laboratory skills acquired by students in this emphasis will also enhance their success with obtaining entry-level jobs that require two years of college-level physical science and laboratory skills.

Certificate of Accomplishment

Physical Science Certificate of Accomplishment (PDF) - Awarded for studies of the physical world from the very small to the infinite. Upon completion of this certificate students will have investigated such phenomena as light, energy, the states of matter, chemical reactions, the formation of planet earth, and its place in the universe. This certificate provides an excellent foundation for further studies in science education and other fields.


Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Division.

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