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About the Ohlone Biotechnology Program

Are you interested in training for entry-level employment in the Biotechnology field? Graduates of Ohlone's biotech program are employed in many biotech, bioscience, and medical device companies around the Bay Area.

Ohlone College offers classes leading to various certificates and a degree in Biotechnology. The field of biotechnology is making groundbreaking discoveries that fight disease, improve food production, and help with cleaning up the environment. Biotechnology/Bioscience is a growing industry in southern Alameda and Santa Clara Counties—with excellent opportunities, pay and benefits to its employees.

Ohlone’s Biotechnology A.S. Degree and Biotechnology Certificates provide students with an excellent preparation in various protocols and hands-on laboratory skills used in many biotech, bioscience and medical device companies. A goal of this program is to prepare students for entry-level positions.

Video: Ohlone Biotechnology Programs

Watch a video about the Ohlone Biotechnology Programs featuring interviews of faculty, students, company and government representatives.

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Industry Training

U.S. Department of Labor logo.Winner of the 2005 Award of Excellence from the Department of Labor.

The Biotechnology program partners with government and industry advisors to provide award-winning training programs for industry workers, college and high school students to fill industry demands for a trained workforce in the growing field of biotechnology. With 45% of the U.S. biotechnology companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ohlone has moved to the forefront of workforce education with its biotechnology training programs.

California Applied Biotechnology Center for Silicon, San Joaquin and Central Valleys

Economic and Workforce Development through the California Community Colleges.Ohlone College is host to the Northern California Bay Area Biotechnology Center that is supported by the Chancellor’s Office of Workforce and Economic Development.  The Center’s mission is to bridge the gap between education, job training, economic development, and employment advancement in the region. The Center sponsors short training workshops for industry employees and promotes educational programs at the colleges and high schools in the region.

High School Biotechnology Outreach Programs

National Science Foundation logo.Learning Alliance for Bioscience (LAB) Program: The LAB program places high school students from underrepresented populations on an academic pathway that prepares them for college degrees in biotechnology and other STEM disciplines. The LAB Program has been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

Biotechnology Education and Training Alliance (BETA)

Ohlone works collaboratively with the following bioscience companies, economic and workforce development agencies, and education institutions:

  • Allergan
  • Amgen
  • Applied Biosystems
  • Boston Scientific
  • Corium
  • Diagnostic Biosystems
  • Genencor
  • Genentech
  • Mendel Biotechnology
  • Metabolex
  • Novartis
  • Spring Bioscience
  • Tethys
  • Xoma
  • Economic Development Managers of the City of Fremont, City of Newark, City of Union City, and City of Hayward
  • East Bay Economic Development Alliance (EDA)
  • Alameda County Workforce Development Board (WIB)

  • California State University, East Bay
  • Ohlone College
  • Chabot College

  • Biotechnology teachers at Newark Memorial, Kennedy, American, Logan, Tennyson, Granada, California School for the Deaf, Tracy, and Enochs High Schools
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