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Biotechnology Lab

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About the Biotechnology Lab

Instructor Mark Barnby working in the Biotech Lab.Students who need tutoring for biotech should go to the Biology and Chemistry Learning Center (BCLC) for help.

The Biotechnology Lab is a teaching lab for the rapidly growing Biotechnology Program. The lab can hold 16 students and even has a greenhouse in the balcony. There are no services outside of the courses offered.

Students interested in taking any Biotechnology course can stop by the Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Division for information.

For information about serving as a tutor, tutor training, and additional learning centers and labs, see Tutoring Services.

Staff for the Biotechnology Lab

For assistance or information, please contact:

  • Helene Ha
    Lab Technician
    Biotechnology Lab (Fremont campus)
    (510) 979-7944
    Room 8304, Fremont campus

  • Padmapriya Krishnamurthy
    Lab Technician
    Biotechnology Lab (Newark campus)
    (510) 742-2365
    Room NC2414, second floor, Wing 4, Newark campus