Learning Alliance for Bioscience, A Pathway from High School to a Career!

The LAB Program

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The Learning Alliance for Bioscience is a Career Pathway program that puts young learners on a path to success that starts in high school, leads to college, and ultimately to excellent job opportunities in the biotechnology industry.

  • 9 High Schools (7 Cities)
  • 400+ High School Students
  • 2 Middle Schools
  • 60 MIddle School Students
  • 2 Community Colleges
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Students begin the program in high school by taking core classes in biotechnology and biochemistry, earning college credit while completing high school graduation requirements. Students also benefit from supplemental instruction, tutoring, extracurricular field trips, and classroom presentations by local scientists.

This LAB program allows high school students to get a head start in a community college biotechnology program, without having to pay for tuition or books.

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The LAB Program has been funded by grants from:

National Science Foundation.Economic Workforce Development through the California Community Colleges.