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About the Biotechnology LAB Program

The Learning Alliance for Bioscience (LAB) Program is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program that leads to the completion of a Certificate in Biotechnology from Ohlone College.

Starting in high school, students embark on a Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) College Prep Curricular Pathway which prepares them for entry into one of the STEM pre-baccalaureate degree programs offered at the community college. Students generally begin the program in their sophomore year of high school, taking science classes such as Biotechnology, Biotechemistry, and Personal Development that earn them college credit while completing both college and high school graduation requirements. They receive supplemental instruction from teacher aides, take tours of industry companies, and are offered mentorship opportunities with professionals in the biotechnology field.

This program allows high school students to get a head start in Ohlone College’s Biotechnology program, without having to pay for tuition or books. Once students graduate from high school, they have the opportunity to continue the program at Ohlone College and in just one year can earn a Certificate in Biotechnology.

From there, they can go on to earn an AS from a community college or a BS at a university. Many units earned at Ohlone College in the LAB Program are transferable to both California State Universities and the University of California system.

Our goal is to implement the LAB program into local area high schools in hopes of increasing the number of underrepresented students that enter into Biotechnology and/or other scientific disciplines. In addition, we aim to improve teaching and learning strategies through faculty development and support student learning through tutoring and mentoring programs.

The programs will develop and grow through collaboration with industry and educational institutions to incorporate emerging technologies, thus improving the quality of education and opportunities for their students and communities.

Ohlone's LAB Program began in 2005 with eight students from Newark Memorial High School. The following year, the program expanded to include John F. Kennedy High School and James Logan High School. The program now includes Granada High School, the California School for the Deaf, Tracy High School, American High School, James C. Enochs High School, and Tennyson High School through Chabot College. There are more than 400 students currently participating in the LAB Program.

The LAB Program has been funded by grants from:

National Science Foundation.Economic Workforce Development through the California Community Colleges.