Learning Alliance for Bioscience, A Pathway from High School to a Career!

The Pathway to Success…


The Learning Alliance for Bioscience (LAB) Program is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program. Participation in the LAB program allows students to complete the introductory classes in Ohlone College’s Certificate in Biotechnology while still in high school. Starting in high school, students embark on a Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) College Prep Curricular Pathway which prepares them for entry into one of the STEM pre-baccalaureate degree programs offered at the community college.

Once students graduate from high school, they can go on to a university, or they have the opportunity to continue the program at Ohlone College and in just one year can earn a Certificate in Biotechnology. From there, they can enter the workforce, or go on to earn an AS from a community college or a BS at a university. Most units earned at Ohlone College in the LAB Program are transferable to both California State Universities and the University of California system.

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