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LAB Program Tutors

The LAB Program is a collaborative effort between Ohlone and Chabot Colleges, its partners in education from K-12, and the biotechnology industry working together to help high school students succeed.

A learning communities model has been established at target high schools in the greater Fremont, Newark, Union City area with activities such as peer-tutoring, mentoring and summer programs for students. These activities reach students starting in their sophomore year in high school and follow them through their high school graduation and the completion of their Biotechnology Certificate after one year at Ohlone or Chabot College.

LAB Program tutors must be integral members of the learning communities cohort. Students interested in being tutors in this program should meet the following criteria for tutor candidates:

Student tutors must have a strong desire and commitment to help high school students succeed in their education.
Academic Preparation
Student tutors should have a background in the appropriate tutoring areas of need (e.g., math tutors should have a mathematics background). Prior coursework in the appropriate tutoring areas is required. Subject areas will include Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics, plus other academic areas as needed.
Tutors in the LAB Project are required to be trained tutors. LAB Program tutors will receive training (and academic credit) in a Tutor Training class (EDUC-191A, 0.5 units). This class earns tutors a Tutor Certificate (CRLA Tutor certification).
Cultural Sensitivity
Minority tutor applicants are encouraged to apply as high school students are primarily from traditionally underrepresented groups—i.e., Latino/Hispanic, African-American, low-income, deaf students, and others. Minority status is not required to be a tutor for the LAB Program—all students are welcome to apply.
Tutors will earn $12 per hour to start (for tutors that have completed or are registered in a Tutor Training course - EDUC-191A and/or EDUC-191B).

Ohlone students interested in tutoring can email Laurie Issel-Tarver at lisseltarver@ohlone.edu.