Policies and Procedures for Faculty in the Economics Program - Business Administration Department

To better serve our students and to improve support for our adjunct faculty, the following policies have been adopted for the Economics program. These policies are to take effect for the Summer 2008 semester.

  1. A standard textbook will be used for all Macroeconomics and Microeconomics classes. This textbook and any other supplemental required reading materials will be determined by the fulltime economics professor.
  2. Course syllabi for each section will be reviewed by the fulltime economics professor to ensure that they meet core curriculum requirements.  These requirements will include a minimum number of chapters to be covered and assessments to be given.
  3. Yearly classroom observations for adjunct faculty must be administered by a full time faculty member currently teaching economics.
  4. Adjunct faculty who are offering online courses for the first time must receive sufficient Canvas training. Follow up in Canvas training will be provided by the Economics department.  

Please contact Tina Mosleh at tmosleh@ohlone.edu with questions about these policies and procedures.