Communication Department

TV station control room.Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another. Communication may be defined as the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, art and other methods. Communication can be perceived as a two-way process in which there is an exchange and progression of thoughts, feelings or ideas.

Communication is a key component of a variety of Ohlone College programs. Browse these Ohlone College academic programs for information about some of these programs:

Communication Courses

Register for classes using WebAdvisor. Review the searchable online Class Schedule for class dates and times. Course descriptions are available in the Catalog. All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review academic program requirements and/or have questions answered.

A sampling of courses for this discipline includes (not a complete list):

  • COMM-100 Introduction to Communication Theory
  • COMM-101 Computer Mediated Communication
  • COMM/MM-108 Visual Communication
  • COMM-124 Introduction to Health Communication

See also Speech and Communication Studies courses.

Textbooks, Online Access Codes, Other Supplies and Resources

Most Ohlone College classes require the purchase of a textbook, and some classes require the purchase of online access codes (also known as keys) or other supplies. Most of these purchases are available at the Ohlone College Bookstore.

Students may go to the Ohlone College Bookstore website to find the textbook(s), access codes (keys), or supplies for their class(es). Students may be required to pay additional fees for access to online resources that are not available through the Ohlone College Bookstore. Please check with your instructor.

More at Textbooks: Information and Purchasing, including Online Orders, Newark Center Textbooks and Supplies, Book Buybacks, and Textbook Costs.


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