Transfer Information for Engineering Majors

Engineering Pathways is a developed jointly by California State University East Bay, San Jose State University, San Francisco State University, and several local community colleges including Ohlone. The website presents plans to follow to earn a Computer Engineering or Industrial Engineering degree.

Students are advised to work closely with the faculty and counseling staff for program and course scheduling. Electives should be chosen carefully to meet requirements of transfer institution.

The following California State University and University of California offer majors in Engineering and/or related fields. The campuses that offer the major are identified next to each major name. Select a campus abbreviation next to a major to get more information about that major through the ASSIST online student transfer information system.

A partial listing is below or view complete listing of Engineering majors.

  • Aerospace Engineering B.S. (UCI, UCLA)
  • Bioengineering B.S. (UCLA)
  • Bioengineering B.S. (UCM)
  • Bioengineering/Material Science and Engineering B.S. (UCB)

Go to to explore information about majors and courses. Please visit the Counseling Department and Transfer Center for assistance with transfer information, degrees, applications and more.