Faculty in the English Department

Faculty in the English Department are a diverse and interesting group of people. The English faculty are skilled and knowledgeable teachers of reading, writing, and literature. They write and publish, travel, do research, present at conferences, and lead workshops. They support and encourage their students and enjoy teaching.

Featured English Faculty Websites

English instructor Mark Brosamer and Math instructor Jeff O'cConnell play guitars.Chalkdust members, Mark Brosamer (left) and Jeff O'Connell, jam. —Photo by Michelle Govang, Ohlone College Monitor, May 10, 2007.

Associate Professor Mark Brosamer plays in a rock band, Chalkdust, with other Ohlone faculty. He has also traveled to China, Australia (view a video from the Ohlone-Sydney study abroad trip in 2009), and to England with Ohlone students. Check out his travel videos.

Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

  • Guy Aengus
  • Michael Albonetti
  • Bonnie Bennett-Walker
  • Joshua Bollman
  • Julianna Bozsik
  • Teresa (Tess) Brandt
  • Kristen Brosamer
  • Nicole Brown
  • Karina Camacho
  • Kathaleen Carter
  • Gregory Christensen
  • Cathy Copenhagen
  • Elliott Cragen
  • Ruth de Larios
  • Gavin Deare
  • Richard Flynn
  • Robert Frye
  • Amy Glasenapp
  • Zachary Gordon
  • Corey Gruber
  • Cynthia Katona
  • Josephine Kelso
  • Scott Koppel
  • Marcel Kristel
  • Sondra Kuykendall
  • Melanie Levy
  • Laura Linden
  • David Marroquin
  • Jessica Morrow
  • Pejman Omidi
  • Sandra Park
  • Leslie Payne
  • David Perez
  • Anthony Pino
  • Sharon Radcliff
  • Gloria Reid
  • Sara Rossini
  • Ruth Schenk
  • Yvonne Schwartz
  • Meghan Swanson-Garoupa
  • Roberta Takahashi
  • Michael Valter
  • Jacqlyn Vetter
  • Zac Walsh