Liberal Arts Courses

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A sampling of courses for this discipline includes (not a complete list):

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  • Language Emphasis
    • ARBC-101A Elementary Arabic
    • ASL-101A Principles of American Sign Language I
    • CHIN-101S Elementary Mandarin Chinese I
    • ENGL-101C Critical Thinking and Composition
    • ENGL-107 Literature and Film
    • ENGL-129 Psychology and Literature
    • FREN-101A Elementary French
    • JPNS-101A Elementary Japanese
    • SPAN-101A Elementary Spanish
    • TAG-181A Conversational Tagalog
  • Humanities Emphasis
    • ART-103A Survey of World Art History-Prehistoric through 1300 C.E.
    • ART-103B Survey of World Art History-14th Century through 20th Century
    • HIST-104A Western Civilization with a World Perspective Until 1600
    • HIST-112 Chicano History
    • HIST-143 History of Rock and Roll: Music and Culture Since 1970
    • PHIL-102 Modern Philosophy
    • PHIL-106 Ethics
  • Speech and Communication Emphasis
    • COMM-100 Introduction to Communication Theory
    • JOUR-101A Newswriting
    • SPCH-101 Introduction to Public Speaking
    • SPCH-107 Leadership Communication
    • SPCH 115 Career Communication
    • SPCH-122 Family Communication
    • SPCH-132 Voice and Diction

Textbooks, Online Access Codes, Other Supplies and Resources

Most Ohlone College classes require the purchase of a textbook, and some classes require the purchase of online access codes (also known as keys) or other supplies. Most of these purchases are available at the Ohlone College Bookstore.

Students may go to the Ohlone College Bookstore website to find the textbook(s), access codes (keys), or supplies for their class(es). Students may be required to pay additional fees for access to online resources that are not available through the Ohlone College Bookstore. Please check with your instructor.

More at Textbooks: Information and Purchasing, including Online Orders, Newark Center Textbooks and Supplies, Book Buybacks, and Textbook Costs.