Commercial Music in the Music Department

Ohlone College has a great recording studio, equipped with the top of the line Pro Tools HD System. This is the same Pro Tools system found in recording studios around the world. Running the latest version of Pro Tools, the studio is equipped to deal with any recording situation.

The suite of five rooms is all commandeered from the Master Control room. Connecting to the Control Room are two medium-sized ensemble rooms, a separate drum room, and another separate room with a Grand Piano. Patch panels are installed in each room for easy connectivity and communications with the main room. Windows help the engineer and producer keep in visual contact with the recording artists.

View the Recording Studio Tour (MOV, 7.9 MB) (transcript).

Studio access is available only to students currently enrolled in classes that use the studio. These include MUS-113 Studio Recording and MUS-112C Pro Tools 201.

These courses are both part of the Ohlone Certificate Program in Commercial Music. Two of the courses in the Certificate Program (MUS-112A Pro Tools 101, MUS-112B Pro Tools 110) are also official Avid courses—part of Avid's independent certification program.

Ohlone is an official Avid-sponsored school. Additionally, Ohlone is licensed to use McDSP plugins.

Ohlone students have gone on to further study at schools such as Ex'pressions and also have interned at local pro recording studios.

Digidesign sponsored school.
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