Philip Zahorsky, In Memorium, Faculty in the Music Department

On May 18, 2011, we lost our dear friend and colleague. He passed away after 33 years of dedicated full-time teaching in the Music Department at Ohlone College. Phil was the main catalyst in reviving and expanding our instrumental music offerings, as well as many other facets of our curriculum and campus life. He represented the best in student oriented instruction and was a student favorite for many, many years. At the March 9, 2011 Ohlone Board of Trustees meeting, Phil was granted emeritus status. View the Philip Zahorsky Resolution.

We, as his colleagues and friends will miss his consummate musicianship, congeniality, and creative problem solving attributes, as well as his pervasive bon vivant spirit. May he rest in peace.

Four Ohlone faculty.Tim Roberts, Phil Zahorsky, Dennis Keller, and Jim McManus in New York.