Recording Studio Movie Transcript - Music Department

In 2008, Ohlone's Studio "A" received a major make-over.

The master control room is command central in a suite comprising five rooms. The four rooms connecting to the master control room include two mid-sized ensemble rooms, and two smaller spaces: one iso room for overdubbing, and one room with a grand piano. Patch panels are installed in each room for easy connectivity and communication with the master control room. Windows allow the engineer and producer to keep in constant visual contact with the recording artists throughout the studio suite.

The multi-track recording studio at Ohlone is equipped with a top of the line Pro Tools HD System with custom wiring and patchbay design by Wavegroup Audio. This is the same dedicated ProTools system found in professional recording studios around the world. Lots of microphones and plug-ins make the studio equipped to deal with any recording situation.

Adjacent to the studio is a Mac lab with eight MBox Pro Tools workstations. Upstairs is a larger lab with 23 88-key digital pianos, each with its own MBox.

Ohlone offers both 100- and 200-level official Digidesign Operator certification courses.

After training in our studio, some Ohlone students have the opportunity to intern at local recording studios, and some have gone on to further study at recording schools such as Expressions and Full Sail.

Want to express yourself in digital audio? Get involved in the Commercial Music program at Ohlone College!

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