Sample Questions for the English Test for the Registered Nursing Program

Reading Test Sample

There will be three passages in this section of the test. Each is followed by questions. After reading a passage, you will choose the best answer to each question.

(25 minutes/24 questions)

Sample passage with questions:

The cities are fighting back. Most of them are doing something about drugs, some of it badly, much in panic and all late. But they are moving - because they are scared. And they have every reason to be, for what they face is a real horror. A top New York City official despairs, "Two thirds of our problems come directly from drug abuse, and I see no hope of handling that problem. " New York's grief is no different from any other big town's only the number are larger. Drug abuse in our cities is epidemic, and we haven't even kept count of the victims.

New York drug experts still talk about 100,000 heroin addicts, an estimate they reach by doubling the number registered with the police, hospitals, and city social agencies. Figuring, as the city's deputy medical examiner does, that the addict population is 200 times the annual toll of overdose deaths, New York has about 150,000 junkies.

  1. Which of the following best describes how the New York official quoted in the passage feels about the drug problem?
    1. He does not believe it is as great as people say it is.
    2. He is curious about it.
    3. He does not care about it.
    4. He does not think it will ever be solved.

  2. The main purpose of the passage is apparently to
    1. warn the public about the harm drugs do to people who take them
    2. escribe the ways cities are now fighting drug addiction
    3. how what a serious drug problem the cities are working to cure
    4. criticize the attitude of city officials toward drug addicts

  3. The author suggests that the problem of drug abuse in the cities deserves
    1. routine investigation by the police
    2. less attention by the newspapers
    3. no sympathy from the public
    4. immediate action

  4. As used in the passage, "Epidemic" most nearly means
    1. against the law
    2. extremely widespread
    3. easily cured
    4. hard to understand

Answers to Reading Test Sample:

  1. D
  2. C
  3. D
  4. B