Selection Process for the Registered Nursing Program

Important Admissions Selection Criteria Change for Registered Nursing Program

A new admission criteria for the Ohlone College Registered Nursing Program will be implemented in 2017-2018 academic year. Students seeking admission in 2017-2018 will have to submit application and documentations based on these criteria. The current random selection (lottery) process will change to a multi-criteria screening process. Learn more about the new Multi-criteria Screening Process for Admission to the Registered Nursing Program.

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The Registered Nursing Program is limited in the number of students it can admit each year. We have developed a lottery-style random selection process which assists us to select qualified applicants from a broad range of backgrounds.

  1. Applications are reviewed in the Health Sciences Division Office to verify information.

  2. Acceptance is determined by meeting the established criteria. Incomplete applications will be removed from the "lottery" pool.

  3. Results of the lottery will be available in the middle of May. Lottery results are posted on the Nursing website and at the Newark Center campus. Students accepted for the Fall semester will be notified by May. Those students who are accepted for the Spring semester will be notified by the end of September. No waitlist will be maintained beyond filling these two nursing cohorts.

  4. Applications are not kept from semester to semester. If a student is not selected for the Fall or Spring semester, their application can be picked up at the next scheduled Registered Nursing orientation or by arrangement with the Health Sciences Division Office. Students must reapply. Students who decline an available space, fail to qualify, or qualify but no space is available must reapply through the regular admissions procedure. Note: Returning students previously enrolled in the Ohlone College Registered Nursing Program and in good standing have priority for available space.