Procedure for Obtaining Coursework Substitution Waivers for the Registered Nursing Program

(If your coursework is found on the Nursing Articulation GRID on page 3 of the Nursing application, you do not need a substitution/waiver processed.)

How to have your out of state or private coursework evaluated and obtain a substitution/waiver:

Students who are using coursework from a private or out of state college must first contact the Health Science Counselor Janet Corcoran ( to make sure that they need evaluated substitution waiver. If after consulting with the counselor and substitution waiver is needed for English, Math, Nutrition, Lifespan Psychology, Speech, Anatomy, Physiology and/or Microbiology taken at a private or out-of-state college, you will contact the various Ohlone College Departments for evaluation and approval of your substitution waiver.

You will need a copy of the course description, and a copy of an official transcript showing the course(s) completed and grade earned. Allow plenty of time for this as it can take several weeks to get the results back from the various deans at Ohlone. The first week of the semester is typically a very busy time and it might take longer to process your waiver.

The phone number for processing your Math, Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology waiver is:

  • (510) 659-6191
  • Irene Benavidez, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Science, Technology, and Engineering—(Interim) Dean Bob Bradshaw
  • Room FP-26-110, Building FP-26, Fremont campus

The phone number for processing your Speech and English waiver is:

  • (510) 659-6173
  • Kathleen Martinez, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Language, Communication, and Academic Success—Dean Mark Lieu
  • Room HH-227, Hyman Hall, second floor, Fremont campus

The phone number for processing your Nutrition waiver is:

  • (510) 742-3100
  • JoAnne Serran, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Health Sciences and Environmental Studies—Dean Gale Carli
  • Room NC1324, first floor, Wing 3, Newark campus

The phone number for processing your Lifespan Psychology waiver is:

  • (510) 659-6216
  • Sheila Holland, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Social Sciences—Dean Walt Birkedahl
  • Room SC-147, Smith Center, first floor, Fremont campus

You may be able to obtain a fax number in order to send your pertinent paperwork via fax by asking the various departments when you make your call to them. Be sure to obtain a copy of the approved waiver to include in your application packet.