Carrie Dameron, Associate Professor and Assistant Director - Registered Nursing Department

Logos of Ohlone College and International Service Learning: Travel, Serve, Learn.

Ohlone Nursing Students to Panama (June 2017)

We are going back!

A service learning project combing global health, cross-cultural health care, with international nursing for a transformational educational experience in central Panama!

This unique learning opportunity for Ohlone nursing students to administer vaccines, treatments for infections and tropical diseases while receiving academic credit International Nursing.

New for 2017! A 3 unit integrated Conversational Spanish Class SPAN-121A.

Details at Study Abroad: Panama for Ohlone RN Students. Like us at Facebook: Ohlone RN Students to Panama.

Email Carrie for more information!

Young girl wearing stethoscope of nursing student (ISL photo).Nursing student making notes during dicsussion with girl (ISL photo).

See photos of Ohlone College Nursing Students Working in the Community.


Carrie Dameron is a full-time instructor in Medical/Surgical Nursing at Ohlone College. She has been a Registered Nurse since 1992, where she worked in medical/surgical /telemetry unit. Even though, med/surg is her specialty, Carrie worked in home health hospice for 5 years and enjoyed caring for patients and their families during this difficult time in their lives. Carrie has ANA Certification.


Carrie, an expert educator and scholar in spiritual care, has partnered with Dr. Tove Giske, Norway and Amy Rex Smith, USA with contributors from Singapore and Colombia to create a "train-the-trainer manual and presentation" entitled Art & Science of Spiritual Care been developed to provide practicing nurses with state of the science knowledge in the specialty of spiritual care. The purpose is to equip international Christian nurses to identify and address spiritual care needs in a variety of settings for any patient coming from any various religious/spiritual belief and backgrounds, or even no faith tradition at all. The workshop is sponsored through Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) have taken place in Manila, Philippines and Santiago, Chile. For more information go to Ohlone Spiritual Care.

Contact Information

Carrie standing with a bridge in the background.Carrie Dameron, MSN, RNBC
Associate Professor
Registered Nursing Department: Medical/Surgical and Gerontology
Assistant Director, Nursing Program
(510) 742-3111
Room NC2207, second floor, Wing 2, Newark campus

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      • Assistant Director, Nursing Program
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