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Degrees/Certificates - Ohlone College Broadcasting: Film, TV & Internet

Students serious about working in television, film or the internet are encouraged to follow a sequence of classes to develop their skills and increase their opportunities of landing a job in these ultra-competitive fields. Most classes are accepted for credit at all California State Universities. Certificates of Achievement or Accomplishment show perspective employers that a sequence of skills has been developed in a particular area.

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Beginning Film, TV and Internet Classes

  • BRDC 134 Video Editing for TV, Film & Internet
  • BRDC 136 Digital Video and Lighting

Advanced Film, TV and Internet Classes

Film Advanced Classes

  • BRDC 152 Advanced Film and Video Production
  • BRDC 135  Video Editing-Advanced Techniques

TV and Internet Advanced Classes

  • BRDC 141 & 142 Live TV News/Studio Production
  • BRDC 145 Internet Television
  • BRDC 148 Directing Live Television
  • BRDC 144 Sports Broadcasting

Film, TV and Internet Certificates of Accomplishment

Upon completion of either sequence, student may be eligible for a Certificate of Accomplishment:

Review academic requirements in the Catalog and in the Curriculum Guides. All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review academic program requirements and/or have questions answered.

Apply for a Degree or Certificates

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