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Established in 1965, Ohlone College serves the cities of Fremont and Newark and is located in the southeast area of the San Francisco Bay Area, California (Campus and Area Maps). Ohlone College is part of the Ohlone Community College District.

Ohlone College is part of the Ohlone Community College District. The Fremont campus is located on Mission Boulevard off Highway 680 on a beautiful 534- acre hillside site just south of historical Mission San Jose. The Newark campus is located on Cherry Street west of Highway 880 on a 31-acre site adjacent to the San Francisco Bay.

The name “Ohlone” was suggested by Mr. Felipe Galvan to the founders of the College in 1967 as a fitting and appropriate name, thus giving the College a proud heritage and tradition which has endured among faculty, staff, students, and administration since the opening of the College over 40 years ago. Mr. Felipe Galvan was a descendant and an Elder of the Ohlone People who once inhabited not only the area where Ohlone College is now located, but the Ohlone People also lived and thrived throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for thousands of years. Mr. Galvan was a man respected and admired for his work in preserving the memory, the heritage, and the dignity of the ancestral Ohlone people through his efforts in the community, his life, and his daily example.

Officially named Ohlone College on June 18, 1967, the college honors the early Ohlone Indians who inhabited the Fremont and Newark area. Distinguished by peaceful pursuits, especially in agriculture, they held profound reverence for the earth, believing it was theirs for living and not for the taking. Ohlone College Seal.They aided the Franciscan Fathers in building the Mission San Jose de Guadalupe in the late 18th century and prospered until 1806-1833 when a series of epidemics virtually destroyed the tribe. Some descendants, however, still reside in the Fremont-Newark area Ohlone Community College District opened its doors in September 1967. Classes were first held at a temporary site in the former Serra Center Home for Girls on Washington Boulevard in Fremont. A year later, the Huddleson Ranch property, located in the Mission foothills just south of old Mission San José, was selected as the permanent campus site.

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(Source: Ohlone College Catalog, 2016-2017; updated October 2016.)

Ohlone College Presidents

  • Dr. Gari Browning 2008 - Present
  • Dr. Doug Treadway 2003 - 2008
  • Dr. Floyd Hogue 1994 - 2003
  • Dr. Peter Blomerley 1979 - 1994
  • Dr. William Richter 1975 - 1979
  • Dr. Stephen Epler 1966 - 1975