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Adding / Dropping Classes, Non Payment Policy - Admissions and Records

See also Preferred Classes and Waitlisting Classes in WebAdvisor.

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Adding Classes (Registration After the Start of Class)

Students should refer to the appropriate Academic Calendar for important registration dates. Students are expected to enroll in full-term classes by the date listed on the Academic Calendars on the Ohlone website.

Students may add full-term classes, where space is available, using WebAdvisor through the date posted on the Academic Calendar on the Admissions and Records website. After that date students may only add a full-term class by obtaining an add authorization code from the instructor. Students are responsible for registering themselves in the class via WebAdvisor with the add authorization code. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for more information regarding registration deadlines.

Per Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations under no circumstances will a student be allowed to enroll in a class after the last date to drop the class with a W.

Dropping Classes or Withdrawing

Students should refer to the appropriate Academic Calendar for add and drop deadlines for full-term classes and other important dates. The Academic Calendar does not apply to self-paced classes, short-term classes, year-long classes, or classes meeting more or less than the full semester. For classes with 10 or fewer meeting times, the drop deadline is before the class begins.

Female Chemistry students writes in notebook.Students are responsible for the proper revision of their class schedules. Students who stop a class are responsible for verifying the drop through WebAdvisor. If this is not done the student may be registered in the class to the end of the semester, receive an F grade, and be charged for the class.

Instructor permission is not required to drop a class.

Students will receive a W grade if they drop a class after the last day to drop without a W. However, W grades are not considered punitive and students are encouraged to drop classes in which they are not doing well and are concerned that they may receive a substandard grade. Classes cannot be dropped after the deadline to receive a W; students who are still enrolled after the last day to drop must receive a letter grade (A-F).

Students may be dropped from classes by the instructor if they do not attend the first or second class meeting or for excessive absences. However, students are ultimately responsible for withdrawing from a class that they no longer plan to attend. Failure to do so can result in a failing grade being issued by the instructor and charges being issued for the class.

Female student sitting against Palm Bosque tree trunk on Fremont campus.Per Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, students are restricted in the number of W grades they may receive in the same course. Once a student has three Ws in the same course at Ohlone College, the student will be restricted from registering for the course again. Any grade received by a student, including a W, counts as an enrollment.

Drops/Withdrawals Due to Non-Payment

Students should refer to the appropriate Academic Calendar for important dates.

Each time a student registers for a class, a confirmation screen will appear on WebAdvisor and the student will receive a follow up email message. Students have five (5) calendar days to make payment arrangements for their enrolled classes. If payment has not been processed via WebAdvisor or by the Cashier's Office by midnight on the fifth day, students may be dropped from those specific classes. Once the waitlist process is run that day, any empty seats within classes will be filled by qualified students from the waitlists. Students dropped due to non-payment may register again for the course if there are available seats or may place themselves on the waitlist.

See also Policy for Dropping due to Non Payment.