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Repeating Courses - Admissions and Records

Courses that may be repeated for credit are designated by the word “repeatable” in the Ohlone College Catalog. Students cannot register for a course for which the repeatable limit has been reached. Enrollment will not be allowed in a non-repeatable class that was previously completed with a grade of C or better.  Enrollments will also not be allowed in a course that has already been repeated the maximum times allowed, per Title 5 of the California Education Code. A course with a letter grade, including a W, counts as an enrollment.

Any course may be repeated one time to improve a substandard grade (D, F, or NP) previously received in the course.  In such cases, only the most recent grade and units will be computed in the student's GPA and unit totals.  However, colleges are required, by law, to post both grades on transcripts.

Per Section 58161 of the California Education Code, students may enroll in a non-repeatable course a maximum of three (3) times if the student has earned a substandard grade (D or F) or a W in the course. Effective Summer 2012, once a student has enrolled in a non-repeatable course three times the student will not be allowed to enroll in the same course again at Ohlone College. A course with a letter grade, including a W, counts as an enrollment. While this new policy is effective Summer 2012, it is applied retroactively to all Ohlone students, regardless of when the student enrolled in the non-repeatable course.  Refer to Policy for Repeating Courses has Changed for instructions for completing this petition.

If a student has enrolled in a non-repeatable course twice at Ohlone College, then the third enrollment at Ohlone will become the final enrollment at Ohlone, regardless of the grade earned by the student.  For example:

  • During Fall 2012 a student received a W in ENGL-101A, a non-repeatable course.
  • During Spring 2013 the same student received an F in ENGL-101A.
  • The next time that the student takes ENGL-101A, regardless of the grade (A, B, C, D, F, P, NP, or W), is the last time ENGL-101A can be taken at Ohlone College.

Important: Policy for Repeating Courses has Changed

The California Community College Board of Governors passed revisions to Title 5 regarding course repetition effective Summer 2012.

Students will only be allowed to enroll in a course not designated as "repeatable" (ENGL-101A, for instance) three times if they received a substandard grade (D, F, NP, or NC) or withdrew from the class with a W.   Please refer to Repeating Courses for more information.

In order to enroll in a non-repeatable class for a 3rd and final time, students must meet with a counselor and submit a completed Student Petition Form (PDF) to the Admissions Office.    

Students must complete the petition and obtain a counselor’s signature verifying that they have discussed the following:

  1. This will be the final time the student will be allowed to enroll in this class at Ohlone College.
  2. The student has considered strategies to ensure that he/she will successfully complete the course.

Students may see a counselor by appointment or during a drop-in counseling session.  See Counseling Hours.

After obtaining the counselor’s signature, the student must submit the petition to the Admissions Office.  It is highly recommended that the student identify at least 3 open sections of the class (in the section entitled: “Please list all classes related to this petition”).

Students can begin submitting petitions for Summer/Fall 2014 to the Admissions Office starting May 19, 2014.  The Admissions Office will process these petitions starting on May 27, 2014.

If the requested sections are not open, the student will be added to the waitlist (if available).  If the waitlists for all requested sections are closed, the student will be contacted by email and advised to request additional sections.