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Student Advice and Tips for Fall 2014 - Admissions and Records

Welcome to the Fall 2014 Semester! Thank you for choosing Ohlone College. Below I’ve provided important information designed to make your first week as smooth as possible.

  1. WebAdvisor - The campus computer system and WebAdvisor system will not be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 15-17. You will have access again starting Monday, August 18.

  2. Check your schedule! - Use WebAdvisor to double check your classes and room locations before the first day! Many rooms have been changed over the summer.

  3. Fremont Portables will not open in Fall - All classes with room numbers FP-1 through FP-32 have been reassigned to new classroom locations. Check WebAdvisor to determine new class locations prior to the first day of class. Please note, however, Newark Portables will be open.

  4. Construction - Demolition and construction has been very active this summer and has significantly affected access, class locations and parking. Be sure to check the Campus Construction Impacts website and campus signage regarding directions, detours, and available parking. Provide yourself sufficient time to get to class.

  5. Plan your route - If you are new to the college, check the Campus Maps for both the Fremont and Newark campuses to locate rooms. “NC” and "NP" room numbers are located on the Newark campus.

  6. Finalize your schedule - Please drop yourself from any classes or waitlists that you do not intend to stay in. Other students are waiting patiently and will really benefit if you vacate a seat that you do not need. Being sensitive to the high demand from other students, faculty may drop you as a “no show” if you do not come to the first class/first week. Show up to your classes or communicate with your faculty if you intend to stay enrolled.

  7. Waitlists - If you are on a waitlist, understand that the last day that you will be registered into an available seat from the waitlist will be Sunday, August 24.

  8. Add Codes - Add authorization codes are being utilized this term and replace paper add cards. Starting with the first day of the term, WebAdvisor will require an add code to register. Faculty will issue codes as of the first day. You will then use that code on WebAdvisor to add into class.

  9. Parking - Parking regulations are enforced as of the first day of the term. Parking is usually quite busy the first week as students are adjusting their schedules. Plan to arrive early as it may take you a little while to find a parking space. Semester-length parking permits are available online.

We are glad you have chosen Ohlone College.

Best wishes for your success with your studies.

Dr. Ron Travenick
Vice President, Student Services
Ohlone College

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