Associated Students of Ohlone (ASOC)

About the ASOC

ASOC Student Government logo.The Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) helps to ensure that students receive the best possible experience while studying at Ohlone College.

As the governing student body of Ohlone College, the ASOC's role is to act as a liaison between the College administration and the student body, and to serve as a forum to express student opinions and concerns.

ASOC also conducts several outreach programs, activities, and events throughout the year.

Group of ASOC Council members standing on stairway in Student Services Center building.ASOC Student Government Council, 2017-2018. Left to right: Jarna Patel, Treasurer; Jiayun Mei, Senator; Kimberly “Kimbo” Quinto, President; Tarun Sivakumar, Senator; Samir Panjwani, Senator; Kyle Sandhu, Vice President; Siwen Xu, Senator; Adithya Jayachandran, Senator; Wafaa Elshawarbi, Senator; Max Dornfest, Senator; Catherine Tran, Legislative Representative; Jamie Lam, Senator; Emily Tinaco, Secretary; Kenneth Oku, Senator; Ying Wang, Senator; Kush Patel, Senator; Juliette Robelo, Senator; Marty Kludjian, Senator.

ASOC Mission Statement

The Associated Students of Ohlone College exist to represent student needs, wants and concerns.

Want to Get Involved at Ohlone?

Visit the ASOC office or contact us at for more information about how to become involved with student government, clubs, and other Ohlone College campus programs and events.

ASOC has Funded

For information, please call ASOC at (510) 659-6063.

Programs that have been granted ASOC funding:

Activities and events:

  • Representing students on over 28 different College committees
  • Currently operating a recreation room at the Newark campus
  • Replaced old patio furniture by the pond on the Fremont campus
  • Representing the students at the statewide student senate meetings

Contact Information

Ohlone College Student Activities: We run the fun!