Campus Committees with ASOC Participation

Logo: ASOC Student Government, Ohlone College.If you would like to participate in any of the committees listed please contact student government. Descriptions of responsibilities to officers are listed.

  • Activities Calendar
  • Budget
  • Course and Program Approval
  • Elections Commission
  • Logo: We run the fun! Student Activities, Ohlone College.Entertainment
  • ID/Discount Card
  • International Education
  • Legislation
  • Marketing
  • Scholarship
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Workplace Safety Committee
Description of Office Responsibilities
Committee Description
Per ASOC Constitution/By-Laws:
Activities Calendar

(4-6 students) and chair = ASOC VP

Meets on a regular basis as deemed necessary, to fulfill and complete the duties and responsibilities of: planning campus activities in coordination with Campus Activities to promote a social and educational atmosphere, making available an accurate list of upcoming activities and events with corresponding dates, addressing concerns of that pertain to the video games/pinball machines, reviewing and making recommendations to the ASOC about changes to ICC by-laws, overseeing the ICC and any large projects undertaken by clubs to ensure that policies are upheld.


(3-4 students) and chair = Secretary

Puts together and makes available to the ASOC a newsletter with sections deemed necessary by the ASOC. The ASOC will decide the frequency of the newsletter; thus the committee will need to meet at least once prior to printing. The committee will also maintain the ASOC web page, including club links.

ID/Discount Card

(4-6 students) and chair = Rep. at Large

Meets on a regular basis as deemed necessary, to fulfill and complete the duties and responsibilities of: making activity cards available to the ASOC, making available to the ASOC an accurate list of all discounts available with the ID card, and maintaining and finding new student discounts.


(4-6 students) and chair = Legislative Rep.

Meets on a regular basis as deemed necessary, to fulfill and complete the duties and responsibilities of: aiding the CalSACC rep in keeping the flow of information to and from CalSACC open, following legislation that affects ASOC, acting as a liaison between ASOC and state and local officials, making students aware of legislation that will affect them, helping to update/review the ASOC Constitution and By-laws.

Budget (Spring)

(4-6 students) and chair = Treasurer

Meets at least once prior to every Campus-wide Budget Committee meeting and will: assist the treasurer or perform in his/her absence, promote welfare of the students on the Campus-wide Budget Committee, decide on the recommended ASOC budget for the following academic year (by May).

Elections Commission (Spring)

(2-3 students) and chair

Meets in January to publish an Election Time-line prior to publicizing the petition deadline, publicizes the petition deadline of the ASOC officer elections (15 notices around campus, Monitor ad) no less than 15 calendar days prior to the petition deadline, certifies election results and posts at least one copy of the results in the Student Center, schedules election booth times, monitors the behavior of the candidates, schedules help in counting ballots, and self-monitors the behavior of the commission.

Per ASOC Vote:

(4-6 students) and chair = Student Trustee

Meets regularly to take on the responsibilities of advertising all ASOC activities. Includes: making and posting posters/fliers, contacting KOHL and the Ohlone TV station to release public announcements about activities, contacting College Advancement to release public announcements about activities, and finding creative ways to advertise ASOC activities and events.

Mission Statement

(4-6 students) and chair = Pres.

Meets as necessary to review and make recommendations about the Ohlone College Mission Statement

Bands/DJ Meets regularly to keep a file of bands/djs and make recommendations of who would be a good choice for performing at ASOC events. File should contain: ID numbers for bands, costs to perform, types of music played, and a recording if possible.
Entertainment Groups

(3-6 students) and chair

Meets regularly to keep a file of performers and make recommendations of who would be a good choice for performing at ASOC events. File should contain: ID numbers for performers, costs to perform, type of entertainment provided, and recommendations from other colleges if possible.

Speakers Bureau

(3-6 students) and chair

Meets regularly to keep a file of speakers and make recommendations of who would be a good choice for coming to an ASOC lecture. File should contain: ID numbers for speakers, costs to perform, type of lecture, and recommendations from other colleges if possible.

Per College Guidelines:
Budget Committee (1 student) Utilizes a consensus approach to issues, advises the President through the VP of Administrative Services on significant budgetary issues which impact the District and its students. Anticipates needs by developing long-range plans, which assess needs and make resource provisions for these needs. Monthly and bi-monthly meetings.
Cafeteria/Food Service Committee (4 students) Deals with menu approval, special programs, improvements, evaluation, costs, and other matters relating to food services and the cafeteria environment and programs. Meets once each semester or as needed.
Course and Program Approval Committee (CAPAC) (2 students) Reviews and makes recommendations on proposals for adding, expanding, deleting, or modifying programs and courses offered. Meets first Monday of the month and as needed.
International Education Committee (1 student) Reviews international education program proposals and promotes international development by faculty and students. Meets once per month or as needed.
Learning Resources Advisory Committee (1 student) Provides a mechanism for Learning Resources and Instructional Technology faculty and staff to work cooperatively with instructional faculty in developing policies and programs for the areas of Library, Media Service, Distance Education, Videoconferencing, and Instructional Technology.
Matriculation Advisory Committee (1 student) Reviews and makes recommendations regarding the policies and procedures for the implementation of the Ohlone College Matriculation Plan. Committee members review information regarding the matriculation components and make recommendations regarding the procedures for the implementation of the plan.
Mission & Goals Review Committee (1 student) Conducts an annual review of the College's mission and goals. Methods and scope of the review are determined by the committee at their initial meeting in the Fall semester. Meets the Fall of the year and determines the number of meetings.
Scholarship Committee (1 student) Reviews and oversees criteria for scholarships, serves as or appoints interview committees for scholarship applicants, approves an annual scholarship calendar, develops recognition programs for volunteers and donors, and provides other assistance regarding scholarships as requested by the Financial Aid staff. Meets twice per semester or as needed.
SOAR Committee (1 student) Primary objective to improve staff morale through social and recognition events. Meets four times a year or more as necessary.
Student Equity Committee (2 students) Recommends priorities, timelines, and responsible areas for the carrying out of the plan. Committee shall review and comment upon college actions to assure Student Equity, report on progress toward fulfilling the plan, and update the plan annually.
Workplace Safety Committee (2 students) Monitors the campus to identify unsafe conditions, proposes remedial action as appropriate, and makes recommendations for rectification of unsafe conditions to the Director of Buildings and Grounds. Meets approximately four times per year.