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  • Ohlone College awards Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS) degrees in more than 55 areas of study.

  • Both the AA and AS programs require 60 units.

  • Ohlone College employs approximately 490 full- and part-time faculty. Instructors are required to have a Master's Degree in their field, and some faculty hold Doctorate degrees.

  • Hyman Hall entrance.Student to teacher ratio is 22 to 1, allowing for more personal interaction.

  • The $10 million Hyman Center for Business and Technology houses computers labs and classrooms complete with programming, multimedia, graphics, Microsoft Office and internet access for the campus community.

  • The Libraries/Learning Resources Centers on the Fremont and Newark Campuses provide research assistance and instruction to students, along with onsite and remote access to library collections including: 80,000 print and electronic book volumes, 70 periodicals in print format, web-based access through 38 databases to over 40,000 journals and newspapers, and 15,000 audiovisual materials.

  • Players are exposed to special "Life Skills" programs to supplement their education in the classroom. These seminars include resume writing, study skills, test taking, time management, and NCAA transfer requirements.

  • The Counseling Department provides specialized courses, which can aid students in diagnosing a learning disability. They also offer courses to aid learning disabled students in developing strategies for the successful completion of math classes or developing reading and writing skills.

Academic Support for Athletes

Yvonka Headley, Academic Coordinator for Athletes. Yvonka coordinates all educational plans and oversees class selection and progress towards degree.

All Ohlone athletes get priority class registration. This means that they are allowed to register for classes a week in advance of the rest of the student-body. Priority registration ensures that they can select the appropriate classes without fear of the classes already being full!

Academic Notebooks and Daily Planners. Each player has an academic notebook which helps them manage their time wisely and helps the staff monitor their progress. Players must bring their notebooks to class and study table sessions.

Access to English and Math Tutors in Hyman Hall. Each player has the opportunity to get free tutoring for their homework and classes in the English and Math Labs. Tutors are available throughout the day and evening.

Study Table. All players are required to attend a two-hour study table session, three days per week. Course specific tutors are available. Players also have access to computers and reference materials.

Follow up. The coaching staff monitors all study table sessions, does random class checks, sends out three progress reports per semester, and is in constant contact with professors.

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