Article, 2011 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Baseball

Renegades baseball rallies back to .500

By Jess Weisinger.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011—Reprinted from Tri-City Voice.

With what is virtually a new roster, including a new head coach, the defending State champion Ohlone baseball team hasn't necessarily had the easiest turnaround since winning the State title last May. But after winning back-to-back games against Canada and Hartnell on Thursday and Saturday respectively, the Renegades are hoping that it's, once again, a start in the right direction.

Sophomore Matt Fontaine pitched what may have been his best game of the season so far in Ohlone's 4-2 win over Canada College on Thursday. The righty allowed just two runs, one earned, on six hits while recording 10 strikeouts. Ryan Tella and Sean Yoshikawa each had a solid day with Tella going 2-4 with an RBI and a run scored and Yoshikawa going 3-4 with an RBI.

Ohlone came back from a two-run deficit in the third inning after an RBI double by Tella followed by an RBI single by Yoshikawa, tying the game at two after the third. Tella's RBI single in the fifth gave Ohlone the go-ahead lead and his unearned run scored gave Ohlone the 4-2 lead.

The Renegades followed their much needed win Thursday with an explosive 7-1 win on Saturday at home against Hartnell. Ohlone will travel to rival Chabot College on Tuesday in a rematch of the thrilling 2010 Regional Final series.

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