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A sampling of courses for this discipline includes (not a complete list):

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  • ATHL-101A Functional Sports Performance
  • ATHL-110A Sport Specific Training
  • ATHL-120A Cross Training for the Athlete
  • ATHL-220 Intercollegiate Volleyball, Women
  • ATHL-222 Intercollegiate Soccer, Women
  • ATHL-223 Intercollegiate Soccer, Men
  • ATHL-224 Intercollegiate Waterpolo, Women
  • ATHL-225 Intercollegiate Waterpolo, Men
  • ATHL-226 Intercollegiate Basketball, Women
  • ATHL-227 Intercollegiate Basketball, Men
  • ATHL-228 Intercollegiate Swimming, Women
  • ATHL-229 Intercollegiate Swimming, Men
  • ATHL-230 Intercollegiate Softball, Women
  • ATHL-231 Intercollegiate Baseball, Men
  • ATHL-240 Intercollegiate Volleyball Prep., Women
  • ATHL-242 Intercollegiate Soccer Prep., Women
  • ATHL-243 Intercollegiate Soccer Prep., Men
  • ATHL-246 Intercollegiate Basketball Prep., Women
  • ATHL-247 Intercollegiate Basketball Prep., Men
  • ATHL-250 Intercollegiate Softball Prep., Women
  • ATHL-251 Intercollegiate Baseball Prep., Men

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