Article, 2007-2008 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Basketball

College basketball season roundup

By Idorenyin Uto-Uko.

March 5, 2008—Reprinted from Tri-City Voice. (For complete article, see Tri-City Voice website.)

March is here again. For many Bay Area basketball fans that means "March Madness." It is a time when many crazed college fans and coaches wait to receive placement in their conference and national tournament. While other local teams will prepare to play their best basketball, others have to wait until next season to have their shot at glory.

Ohlone College

Women's: Last year the Renegades won the Conference Championship, but this year the ladies only came very close to mirroring that effort. They managed to place second this year with a mere two losses in conference play. All-Conference performers were: Casceal Swaggered, Kelly Fisher, and Taylor Lyons. Honorable Mention: Caprice Hall, Ty Tobin, Geneaya Rodgers, and Christina Dixon.

Men's: Last year's Coast Conference Champ showed a lot of poise and effort this season. The Renegades (20-10, 9-3) came in second in the Coast Conference North standings, but are currently playing well in the state basketball playoff tournament. Last year, Ohlone made it to the final eight, but, have lost many of their key plays form last years' team. Their coach is realizes that his team needs to play better defense if they are going to have the same success as last year.

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