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Tri-City Voice Male Athlete of the Month: Scott Kenny, February 2011

February 1, 2011—Reprinted from Tri-City Voice Sports.

Although he's only been stateside for just over two years now, Ohlone Renegade Scott Kenny has made huge strides in transitioning to the American basketball game since leaving his homeland of Queensland, Australia.

The 6'4" 180-pound sophomore, majoring in business administration, arrived in Fremont a year after playing at Blinn College in Texas, and has fit nicely in John Peterson's complex offense.

"The transition wasn't that hard for him. But it's hard to be a sophomore and be in your first year," Peterson said. "He's got a scorers' mentality."

Scott Kenny in action on the basketball court.—Photos by Don Jedlovec.

TCV: How have you fared being a first-year sophomore in this offense?

SK: I fared very well to tell you the truth. I mean, I just came in here and do my job. I'm here to shoot the ball.

TCV: What's the difference between Ohlone and Blinn College in Texas?

SK: Here is a lot more disciplined.

TCV: What the big difference between here and Australia?

SK: There's not much of a difference.

TCV: Where do you like it better, here or Australia?

SK: Here.

TCV: What's the biggest difference between the international game (Australia) and the American game?

SK: The American game is more physical. You play through more contact here than back home - along with some of the rules.

TCV: What do you plan to do in life after basketball?

SK: Tough question. That's why I'm here in school to find that out.

Scott Kenny in action on the basketball court.—Photos by Don Jedlovec.

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