2013 Team Roster - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

Men's Soccer Roster 2013
Number Name Hometown / Previous School Year Position
12 Aguilar, Steven P.
Bridgepoint H.S. F F
4 Alcaraz, Jorge
Newark Memorial H.S. S M
6 Azadan, Ahrod Washington H.S. F M/F
22 De la Torre, Kevin
John F. Kennedy H.S F BF
0 Doser, Kyle G.
James Logan H.S. F GK
15 Dougherty, Jacob S. Newark Memorial H.S. F M/F
8 Gamboa, JeanCarlo R. Robertson H.S. S M
10 Hertz, Dominic R.
Ohlone College S M/F
5 Kajjaj, Salim
American H.S. F M/F
7 Larsen-Dadzie, Philip R.
Ohlone College S F
21 Marquez, Daniel A. James Logan H.S. F B
11 Montoya, Miguel A.
James Logan H.S. F M
20 Muse, Michael L.
Castro Valley H.S. F B
9 Parral, Wilver M.
Robertson H.S. F F
17 Rodriguez, Gerardo J.
American H.S. F B
RS Rodriguez, Jose M.      
24 Rodriguez, Luis G.   F B
13 Rojas, Alejandro
John F. Kennedy H.S S B
23 Sack, Jonathan
Alfred Saler H.S. F F
16 Sanchez, Giovanni   F B
2 Sanchez, Juan C. American H.S. F F
1 Silva, Giovanni G.
Conley Carabello H.S F GK
18 Solis-Gamino, Fernando
Irvington H.S. F B/F
3 Strain, Nathan J. Abington, H.S., PA F M/F
25 Sultani, Edress   F M
14 Torres, Emilio Irvington H.S. F M
19 Zambrano, Artemio  Ohlone College S B

Ohlone College Renegades Soccer.

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