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“The hill that we had to run during the summer is by far the hardest run I have ran, and I do not look forward to running that again, but I’m going to make a mission to finish that run without stopping.”
—J.M. Class 2013

“I enjoyed the trip to Shasta because it was my first time traveling and staying in a hotel with a team. It was a wonderful experience that I will treasure in my life forever because I got to know some of my team better and see how they were off the field.”
—E.P. Class 2012

“During this year I came face to face with some pretty tough events and learned a lot from them. I met a ton of close friends and had the honor of playing along side them for as long as I did. Another thing I learned is not only how to play better soccer and smarter from my coaches but also more about life and to be a better person. This experience has helped me as a soccer player and to be a better person.”
—T.L. 2013

“One of my favorite experiences of this year was the camping trip we went on. I got to meet my teammates and learn more about them. I loved the fact that even though I barely knew anyone on this team I still ended up getting along with everyone.”
—S.A. Class 2013

“I feel like I was getting better at each training session that I went to from my first day, to the horrible double days that were so tiring, but made me a better player by far…Thanks to all the coaches for a great two years here at Ohlone and for teaching me so much and making me the player and person I am today. I could have never imagined having this much fun and getting this much better as a player in such a short time without all the coaching, support and team bonding.”
—J.W. Class 2012

"Throughout the fifteen years that I’ve known and played soccer, I have played alongside some fantastic players and have been coached by superb coaches, but being part of the Ohlone Men’s Soccer team has been a great experience. The team was very united, I respected each player equally including the coaching staff."
—P.L. Class 2013

“Soccer at Ohlone College has been a fun experience. I admit that I did not expect much from being here. I met the coaching staff that has been through all levels of coaching and playing. Our coaching staff taught me what it meant to build a team in a short amount of time. I was playing with players that I have known my whole life, while at Ohlone I had to play with a whole group of new players. Our coaches did the little things to get us to bond…. I thought that all the other athletic programs had the best players and coaches, but that is not always true because all you need is heart. We had the heart to play…. We had players from around the world like Vietnam, Armenia, Costa Rica and England…. We also had players from all around the bay like from Newark, Fremont, Milpitas, San Jose, San Leandro, Livermore, Danville and Pleasanton. They all have something different to add to the team…”
—H.R. Class 2013

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